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Video  Surveillance Systems: Crime cctv-systemsDeterrence, Detection and More

Video surveillance or CCTV systems are a highly effective means to to protect your facilities, employees and visitors. Utilizing the latest hardware and software technology combined with dedicated response professionals, an “intelligent” CCTV system from All About Security not only deters crime but can help ensure criminals are quickly detected and apprehended. Beyond crime prevention, our CCTV systems also provide you with a number of very important benefits to reduce risk and costs and increase profits. Having Smart Security can make the difference of watching a bad situation after the fact and sending the IPD out for a crime in progress. 


Why Construction Sites Need Video Security SystemsProactive Video Security and Surveillance Systems Deter and Respond

Thanks to advances in hardware and software technology, including video analytics, an All About Security CCTV system reduces top internal and external risk.

An “intelligent” CCTV system can now detect crimes or other events at your facilties and send detailed information to our monitoring center for evaluation and response. You no longer need to rely on security guards continually scanning multiple CCTV system monitors or performing physical patrols of your facilities. Instead, alarm events are automatically detected by the CCTV system and streaming video is sent to our monitoring center for immediate analysis. (You can also have video sent to any email account you desire.) Our dispatch professionals can then respond with verbal warnings to perpetrators or by dispatching law enforcement, thereby reducing the need for onsite security personnel.

With an All About Security CCTV system you can dramatically mitigate financial loss due to criminal activity:

  • Reduce or eliminate the theft of building materials, tools, generators, vehicles, fixtures, metal and other assets.
  • Dramatically reduce shrinkage and employee theft.
  • Reduce or eliminate loitering, graffiti and vandalism.


Video Security: VideofiedWhy do retails stores need alarm systems? Ski mask robbery

All About Security is proud to introduce Videofied as one of of our video solutions. Not only is this a great solution because it is endorsed by the National Sheriffs Association but it can catch a criminals instead of just scare them off.  With our Videofied system you can have security anywhere.  Options that are totally wireless and a great solution for construction sites and other areas where power isn’t an option.  Want to know more about? Click here and find out more!

Beyond what’s commonly thought of as the traditional functions of a CCTV system, an “intelligent” All About Security CCTV system can provide a number of important benefits across your entire organization:

  • Improve employee compliance with policies such as customer service, dress codes and safety.
  • Integrate with other security measures such as intrusion detection and hold-up panic buttons.
  • Enhance access control system capabilities by allowing visual verification of who entered protected areas of your facility.
  • Protect the organization against fraudulent workers compensation or “slip-and-fall” claims.
  • Verify the legitimacy of employee retail transactions.

Select from a Complete Line of Commercial Video Surveillance Products and Services

All About Security provides a complete line of video cameras, lenses and controllers to meet your specific surveillance needs. We also offer specialty cameras, night vision, IP, megapixel, low-light and infrared cameras.

Dinion XF Day/Night IP Camera

Day & Night IP cameras are modern, hybrid systems that support legacy-direct analog output, as well as modern network delivery. They can stream video simultaneously on both channels. Equipped with 15-bit DSP with XF-dynamic, they have an extended dynamic range for sharper, more detailed images with outstanding color reproduction. Supporting the award-winning Dinion XF digital imaging.

Recording at a rate of up to 120/100 ips NTSC/PAL, HRDP offers high-end capabilities such as user friendly intuitive operation, IR remote control, express record configuration, express search, an internal DVD-RW and 2 USB ports for copying evidence

Flexidome Cameras

The FlexiDome XF and FlexiDome DN series are the ultimate solutions for virtually any indoor or outdoor surveillance application. These color dome cameras are high-performance, vandal-resistant units with Day/Night capability. The cast-aluminum housing, polycarbonate dome, and hardened inner liner can withstand the equivalent of 55 kg (120 lbs) of force.

AutoDome® Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras

The AutoDome Easy combines a high performance pan/tilt unit, compact mini dome housing, and a state-of-the-art autofocus zoom camera into a single unit. This rugged, compact and easy to install PTZ camera system has been specifically designed for discrete video surveillance applications in indoor environments.

AutoDome Controllers

The LTC 5136 AutoDome Controller provides complete control of the AutoDome system’s advanced features, including proportional speed control, auto tour, 99 presets, and full pan/tilt/zoom operation – all from a single one-handed control unit.

Remote Video Accessremote-video-access

An All About Security video surveillance system allows you and your staff to view and control multiple digital video recorders through one easy-to-use and implement application. Our latest surveillance technology lets authorized users view live or recorded video, control digital video recorders and video security cameras, save video to local hard drives and share video by e-mailing links and comments. The result is greater control over business procedures, operational efficiency and the bottom line. Our remote video access capability provides the following capabilities:

Video Alarm Verification

  • All About Security video surveillance specialists remotely monitor your facilities for burglar alarm verification and notification.
  • Optional two-way audio verification.
  • All About Security dispatchers notify law enforcement upon verification of suspicious activity.
  • Duress and holdup panic button for your employees at any location requested.
  • Receive weekly e-mailed alarm reporting.

Guard Tours

  • Tours conducted per your scheduled request.
  • Operation-scripted audio announcements.
  • All About Security specialists remotely monitor your facilities 24 hours a day.
  • All About Security specialists call your work site and notify law enforcement upon verification of suspicious activity.
  • Receive weekly e-mailed guard tour reports.

Video Auditing

  • All About Security specialists monitor surveillance video at critical control points.
  • Valley alarm specialists score each audit with a pass or fail grade.
  • Weekly e-mailed reports provide a summary of pass/fail grades, detailed audit information and links to security videos.

Security Video Employee Escort

  • Video and two-way audio assistance initiated by your employee for more than surveillance, video security that works
  • Employee escort assistance upon request during opening and closing times for added safety and their peace of mind.
  • Ideal for high-risk circumstances and locations where employees handle large amounts of cash and valuable inventory or coming/going during darkness

Talk with us today about your situation and how an “intelligent” All About Security CCTV system can help you reach your goals.

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