AdvisorOne Security Panel

AdvisorOne Security Panel


  • 7″ Full Color Screen 
  • Touchscreen Responsive 
  • Up To95 Wireless Zones
  • 5 hardwired Zones 
  • 2-Way Voice 
  • Dual-path Technology Ensures Reliability
  • Digital Photo Display
  • Information Apps for Weather & Traffic
  • Wireless Functionality
  • Ethernet Port for Broadband Monitoring
  • Multi-Language Function

AdvisorOne Security Panel

The AdvisorOne is the newest touchscreen smart home security panel from Interlogix. You’l be able to protect your home with all of the cutting edge protection devices and life safety equipment. With the ability to customize the AdvisorOne with it’s patented blue tiooth technology and Z-Wave module, lifestyle management will be a breeze. The smartphone app is made just for the AdvisorOne, making a simple platform that is just like the touchscreen panel.

The AdvisorOne is built to help families and businesses stay in touch, informed and in control. The AdvisorOne system is the ideal blend of security, safety and lifestyle enhancements perfect for residential and small business. With AdvisorOne, it’s never been easier to be connected, protected your property and and do so much more.

A beautiful 7 inch color tuchscreen that doubles as a digital photo display will let you dislay all your favorite memories. This security panel is an interactive and a fully wireless security system. Advanced cloud features provide you a cost-effective security system with cutting edge features and simplicity of use.

The AdvisorOne provides full security functionality for homes and businesses that’s not only convenient but, easy to operate. Remote accesses allows you to control the system remotely from any web-enabled devices. You cam managing HVAC and lighting get local traffic, news and weather updates.The Advisorone is also great for small business owners, secures people, property and assets with remote access functionality, convenient features and multi-language capability well suited for today’s homes or businesses. This security panel will communicate with various sensors to provide up to 100 zones of burglary protection and 24-hour safety with this state of the art home protection system.