Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Security

Today’s security systems are the foundation for your smart home. Add convenience to your life with home automation benefit that are simple, affordable, and safe with All About Security. Add on to your smart security anytime!

Smart Thermostats

Save energy and money while staying comfortable.With an All About Security smart thermostat you can control your heating and cooling from anywhere. Using the latest technology to adjust to your living habits. Saving you  money and energy are key benefits. Combine with a smoke detector and your smart thermostat will turn off the ventilation in a fire potentially saving lives from smoke inhalation.


  • Works with your smart home security system
  • Can use set cshedules to adjust settings automatically when you’re home, or when you’re gone  
  • Adjust to your living habits with inteligent features
  • Can be used with location ased services to save energy when no one is home
  • Increased lifr safety with monitored fire protection with ability to turn off fan in a fire when combined with monitored smoke detector

Smart Locks

Make sure you never lose a key again! With your new smart door lock you can program individual user codes and monitor access to your home. This is one piece of equipment you will use every day.


  • No Key Needed 
  • Lock or unlock From Anywhere 
  • Know who and when anyone unlocks your door 

Smart Garage Opener

Never drive home because you cant remember if you left your garage open again. Geophencing feature with location based sewrvices will send push button notification right to your smartphone. Add the convenience of closing and opening your garage door using your smartphone from anywhere.


  • Lets you know if you left your door unlocked open when you leave home
  • Lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Can close your garage automatically when you arm your system in away mode   
  • Automate your home and close at anytime with smart rules (never leave your garage door open at night again)
  • Works with location based services to send reminders and alerts to lock or unlock your door

Smart Light Bulb

The smart light is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to start turning your house into a smart home. The installation is as easy a screwing in a light bulb!


  • Wireless control from anywhere
  • Set smart rules to turn off or on whenever you want (never walk in a dark home again or waste energy when your gone) 
  • Make rules to work with your smart sensors for a truly connected home
  • Works with locations based services to take advantage of true home automation
  • Acts as a wireless repeater to extend the Z-Wave mesh network increasing connectivity

Smart Lamp/Appliance Module

Smart appliance modules can turn any outlet to a smart outlet. Great for lamps and small appliances. Custom rules like turmimg on your crock pot for dinner from anywhere and have it ready when you get home. Use it to notify you if you left your straightening iron on, no need to worry all day or leave the office to turn it off!


  • Wireless control from anywhere
  • Automatically turn off or one 
  • Receive a notification if you forgot to tune it off

Smart Outlet

Start using easy energy management features with a smart outlet. Replace any outlet in your home with this energy saving device.


  • Wireless control from anywhere
  • Can  Automatically turn off or one 
  • Can notify you if you forgot to turn off anything connected to your smart outlet

Smart Dimmer Switch

More energy management control with the convenience of smart home features. Access your lights from your smart phone. Have the ability to adjust the lighting from anywhere. Easily program them to turn on or off. Conforms to your lifestyle. If your alarm clock dose not wake you up have your lights turn on for your wake up call and turn off at bedtime.


  • Wireless control from anywhere 
  • Can  Automatically turn off or on
  • Can notify you if you forgot to turn off a light
  • Program your settings to never walk in a dark home

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