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All About Security, providing Indianapolis security systems that are fully customized. Whether it’s your home, apartment, or business we will help find the right security solution for you. There are a lot of options available but whats most important is staying secure while having the peace of mind that is priceless. We strive to provide Indianapolis security systems that our client’s will use for a lifetime. Your security system is 100% software based, which means that you wont have to worry about your system being obsolete in a few years. Other options include video security that does much more than record an event. All of our security systems have a verification process included. That means you will know when there is a real emergency and so will the authorities. By using our 2 way voice, image sensor, or video your emergency will become a priority. Many companies don’t provide Indianapolis security systems that are verified. Unfortunately, those alarms will not have the fastest response. Most alarms are false alarms which cost our city thousands of dollars. When you have a verified response, the local police can respond to your emergency as a crime in progress rather than an alarm. Call (317)559-3500 to learn more about how we provide Indianapolis security systems that verify your emergency.

    Have a question about a particular brand? Have a particular product or service you would like to custom order? No Problem! Just fill out the form or call 317.559.3500 and we will be glad to help!


    Indianapolis security systems with video security, endorsed by NSA


    Enjoy the sleek look and 7 inch touchscreen that provides all your interactive services with your security


    Our standard security system is a color touchscreen that is 100% software based. We provide Indianapolis security systems that you’ll want to use. Convenience and security all in one.


    A Smart Thermostat that will do much more than adjust your temperature. Your security system is the foundation of your Smart Home.


    a Smart light bulb can save you energy as well as keep you out of the dark.


    Video cameras that will send you a clip when your alarm goes off. Affordable video that does more.


    Door locks that you’ll never lose a key for, because you don’t need a key. Lock and unlock your door from anywhere and never get locked out again

    All About Security Video Alarms are Changing the game

    Want to know how a Video Alarm can help with a real emergency?

    Take a look at why video verified security systems are the only security system that have the endorsement from the National Sheriffs Association. Police want to catch the bad guys and when you have video to verify your emergency it will always take precedence and be answered quicker than a traditional alarm. False alarms are an epidemic that cost millions to tax payers and can even result in a real emergency to be dismissed. Our video verification will give you the greatest security available. Better yet, its never been more affordable. Starting at less than $1.50 a day, there isn’t a reason not to have security with verification.

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