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If your looking foraccurate security information you came to the right place. At All About Security, we provide our community informative articles about the security system industry as well as home and family protection that they are looking for. We want our neighbors, and community, to make informed and educated decision. Getting the right security system can be overwhelming.  With all the advertisements out there it can be a difficult decision.  The last thing you need is to be a victim to good advertising and false promises. Give us a call before you make your decision.  We will be happy to guide you with your alarm system needs. Even if you decide to go with another company we will still do are best to help you. We focus on people and thei individual needs. One size fits all isn’t always the best solution for your security.  When you call us we will ask the right question to discover your needs. More importantly, we will listen to you.  Instead of cookie cutter systems that aren’t deigned for your needs, we will help customize an alarm system made for you.  We believe that integrity is the foundation of any company.  It’s even more important for a security company that people depend on. Integrity is much more than a buzz word at All About Security. It’s how we live or lives at work and at home.


Our articles are meant to inform and help educate our customers.  We don’t want to sell anything that our client’s may not need.  We believe our clients throughout the state of Indiana deserve the best security system information to make the right decision for their home, family, and business. There are many different topics you can learn about and with advancement of today’s technology there are always new products and services coming out.  Instead of overwhelming people, All About Security helps you digest the information with our blog. We continue to add more information with each blog post.  Once you find what you need, you can look into our interactiveservices and find the benefits you want.

The security industry had based it’s marketing on fear tactics and it may be an effective way to make profits but it’s not the way we want to earn your business. People are already fearing our comunity with the crime rates as high as they are now. With our security services you can use your home alarm system as the foundation of your Smart Home. Your security is our top priority. It’s still nice to add conveniencse to your life.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to have a picture sent to your phone, a door locked or unlocked remotely, a light turned on when your on vacation.  You can add different things to your system and your security system will grow with your needs. No need to overwhelm yourself. No need to get everything at once like other companies would suggest. We want you to use your security system every day. We know if your alarm system isn’t easy to use then you won’t use it. Once you are comfortable with your security system we can add other pieces of equipment or services you are interested in. Technology changes with new products and services on a regular basis. Now you can stay informed. Our security information center will keep you updated of changes and advancements in the industry.

Take a look below, or click here, for additional articles.  If there is something you are interested in learning about we are happy to do the research and have an article written for our Blog. We will even dedicate the article to you for the inspiration. We want our client’s to know that we truly appreciate their business.  Contact us and let us know what you want to know more about.  What good is security information if its not the security information that will help our clients and community? We will always do our best to get you what you need and want. When it comes to our business and our security information center it is designed for our community.  Call317.559.3500 to speak with one of our security consultants. They will make sure that the security information you are seeking is the information you are looking for, whether it’s about home alarms, video security, adding convenience with home automation, or anything else you would like to know more about.  They will be happy to walk you through any service or equipment we offer. We hope you find the security information center as a trusted resource for all the different services in the security system industry.  Thank you for taking the time to join us and we look forward to providing you the security information and security systems that you are looking for.

All About Security, providing security information so you can have the best security system and service that is all about your security!


Security Information Center

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