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Give your Indianapolis family the security and peace of mind they deserve.

Home Security Systems for Indianapolis!

Nothing is more important than protecting what you treasure most… your family and home. All About Security provides top-of-the-line home security systems for all of Indianapolis and it’s surrounding areas.

There’s more to protecting your home than security equipment. Your custom designed home security backed by highly-trained professionals and monitored by national 5 Diamond central stations making sure your alarm system doesn’t fail when you need it most. We make sure your service is always working. Don’t settle for less. At All About Security, we take your protection very seriously. Your security is provided with top notch service and convenience. Call 317.559.3500 today for more information.

We know it can be difficult choosing a security company. All home alarm systems are the same, aren’t they? They aren’t! Just like all security companies aren’t the same, and all alarm monitoring isn’t the same. Every property is different and every family has different needs and concerns. We understand that, so we make sure each of one of our client’s get the custom protection they need. Your system is built for your home and family. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind and safety that you were looking for in the first place. Not just a generic alarm.

Imagine an alarm system that did more than make noise. One that not only protected your home and family 24 hours a day but also send you reminders when you forgot to arm your system. One that let you know when your kids got home from school before they even called you. One that you could customize with alerts for non emergencies just so you didn’t have to worry. With All About Security, you can now have all of that and more. All at an affordable rate with an easy to use app right on your smartphone! All of this with state of the art monitoring to ensure the quickest response times in the industry.

Want to see if one of our home alarm systems is the right solution for your home and family? We don’t ask you to pay over the phone, like some other companies. We want to make sure that we find the right solution that will keep you and your family safe and adding the peace of mind you are looking for.

Security Options For Your Home:

  • Takeover of existing alarm systems with upgrade to alarm panel.
  • Wireless Takeover – we can take over your existing wireless door/window contacts, motions, and other security equipment that doesn’t need to be upgraded.
  • Future Proof Home Protection -100% software based security panels with firmware updates
  • Wireless Security Systems – clean installation, affordable, and simple to use.
  • 2 Way Voice Communication – Live operator through the keypad for verification of alarms and to reduce false alarms.
  • No Phone Line? No Problem – dedicated cellular communication is not only available but the preferred and safer method. Broadband communication starts at $24.99 a month.
  • Smart Home Security – remote access, app to arm and disarm with ability to customize with home automation
  • One app to control everything in your home. Smart, simple, secure.
  • Visual verification with our image sensor. Takes still pictures to let you know when and why your alarm is triggered or even just to let you know when the kids get home.
  •  Ability to add on different features and services at affordable prices in the future. No need to buy everything at once,
  • Video Alarm Systems – video verified alarms that make sure your emergency is a priority and avoid false alarms.
  • DIY security systems or professional installation. It’s up to you. Self installation of some wireless security systems are available with the ability to call us for customer support.
  • Video surveillance and security cameras available as a part of your system, or as a stand alone option.
  • No contract options, short term contract options, and standard alarm monitoring agreements available.
  • Basic Home Alarms – available upon request. Standard phone line installation isn’t recommended but is available for less than $20 a month. Cellular alarm monitoring starting at $32.99 a month!


Indianapolis Home Security Systems That’s Made For You

Some companies use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to home security system design. But at All About Security, we know that every situation is unique. We custom design a home security solution to meet your specific needs. Every family and home in Indianapolis and surrounding areas deserve to be safe.

all-about-security-counties-servedAre your children sometimes home alone? Does anyone in your family have a medical condition? Do you have areas or possessions in your home that require extra protection? We provide Indianapolis home security that protects more than your home.

Are you concerned about a home invasion? With the crime rate in Indianapolis steadily increasing, your security system should be specifically designed for your needs. An All About Security security specialist will take the time to fully understand your specific concerns and needs. Then we will design a custom residential security system that’s just right for you. Your protection and peace-of-mind are just too important to do it any other way. A system that is custom designed for your safety and convenience is so much more than your run of the mill alarm system . Your custom home security system will offer far more protection than a generic alarm system that was built by a marketing company instead of a security company. There are some things in common with most residential security packages, like having your doors protected, but there are many different strategies to give your home the best protection possible. Picking the right equipent and service is key.

Furthermore, you may want to add conveniences to your security package, like being able to arm and disarm your system from your mobile phone. You may want to get a text message notification letting you know when the kids get home, or when they leave. Whatever is important for your home and lifestyle is important to our security professionals. We will work closely with you when designing your system to make sure it’s the right security system for your home and family.

The Best of Both Worlds

All About Security is based in Indianapolis and serves all of the surrounding communities. So unlike companies based elsewhere, we fully understand the unique security issues facing families in our area. Our local presence means we’re able to provide a much higher level of personalized service that the ADT‘s of the world can’t provide. To us you’re a neighbor, not a number. The best home alarm system has the service you need, and the conveniences you want. That’s different for each family. In addition, the highest level of protection and services that focus on your convenience. We only provide services to areas we know and can get a professional technician to in a timely manner. If you have an issue with your alarm system, you don’t want to be put on a waiting list to get a professional to you at your time of need. We strive to give our community the highest level of protection combined with the customer service, convenience, and affordability that only a large security company, usually, provides. Not any more, All About Security will make sure you have the best security system so you can have the best of both worlds!

Real Home Security Protection


Indianapolis Home Security that is Fully Customizable and never outdated.

At All About Security, we provide real protection by carefully evaluating your entire situation. Then we will recommend a combination of security equipment and services that meet your specific needs. We also understand how important it is to comfortably fit your budget. We know the Indianapolis area.  We live and work here. Your security system is designed to for your needs. Fully customized so you can always expand your security system with new technology as it comes out.

Whether you need security against intrusion, fire, medical emergencies, or even a home invasion, an All About Security Indianapolis home security expert will design a fully integrated home security system.  We will make sure you and your family have the protection and peace-of-mind you need and deserve. Your Indianapolis home security system will go above and beyond. All About Security is here for our clients and communities. We want you to compare your options, get quotes, and call other security companies in the area. Just make sure to call us before you make your decision.  That way you can see how we are different and how we put our clients needs first. At All About Security we want you to get a system that works for your lifestyle. We are confident that our service, products, and affordability is head and shoulders above the rest. The best in Indianapolis home security is what you deserve and that’s exactly what you will get when your system is provided by us. We strive to be the best in the industry and have our clients for a lifetime.

Fast Response to Your Alarm


All About Security provides professional alarm monitoring services for homes and businesses in the greater Indianapolis area.

After your custom security system is installed it is linked to our professional alarm monitoring centers. Staffed by highly-trained professionals, All About Security’s monitoring centers are ready to respond to any emergency at your home, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. Having 5 diamond certified monitoring with multiple locations makes sure your security is always working for you with your top of the line monitored alarm.

Our alarm monitoring centers have met the stringent requirements for Five Diamond certification and UL listing, so you can rest assured it meets the highest alarm monitoring standards in the security industry. Combined with our security system design expertise and state-of-the-art technology, All About Security’s monitoring center completes the circle of protection your family needs and deserves. All About Security specializes in verifying your emergency to make sure that the authorities respond when you need them most.

Why Compromise?

If you want to want to have the best in Indianapolis has to offer in your security alarm, and peace-of-mind for yourself and your family, don’t settle for less. Don’t depend on old technology using a phone line that can be easily compromised. Your custom Indianapolis home security system is backed with cellular technology that is connected to cell towers that are specific for your area, unlike other security providers who use the technology that is convenient for their profits, we focus on your home protection. With All About Security, you can have a customized alarm system designed, installed and monitored by a leading security company located right here in your area. Every security package offers options that keep your concerns at the top of the list. All, at a price that is surprisingly affordable. Your priorities are our priorities, and we will develop the right solution that is affordable without sacrificing your protection.

Security companies that don’t have your best interest don’t have to be the only solution. At All About Security we strive to be the best in customer service and provide all your security solution. For the best home security systems Indianapolis has to offer call us at 317.559.3500 today!

  • Wan’t better alarm monitoring?
  • Want to be a client that is appreciated rather than a customer who is an account number?
  • Want better, faster, more reliable customer support and service?
  • Want more options?
  • Want the ability to customize your security solutions

So why compromise? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation home security consultation.

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Serving all of Indiana, Marion County, Hamilton County, Hancock County, Johnson County
Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Brownsburg, Avon, Irvington, Fountain Square, Greenwood, Shelbyville, Greensburg, Lawrenceburg and surrounding areas. Call us at 317.559.3500 and find out why we are the best option for your home security. We are always working for our clients. When you join All About Security you know you have Indianapolis based security that will always put you and your family first. We aren’t satisfied unless you are satisfied.

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