The Benefits of Wireless Home Security in Indianapolis

The Benefits of Wireless Home Security in Indianapolis

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Home security has had many advancements in the last 5 years.  There are so many additional benefits of wireless security systems that weren’t available before.  Not only has protection from intrusion become more effective but home automation is more affordable than ever. For the first time, interactive security with home automation is available to the masses.  So when shopping for a home security system there are needs that can be combined with wants which can make your smart home security work better than ever. At the same time, you don’t want to buy security equipment and services that you won’t use. That’s why you want to make well educated purchases with a consultant that has your best interest in mind.

With the all the different technologies out there, it’s hard for people to know what is what, it’s even harder to shop comparable products and make sure your gettng the best value. There are so many option when it comes to residential security and interactive services. What separates them all? What is the best fit for you? What do you need to know? These are just a few questions that come in mind when seeing all the advertisements on TV and the Web. With all of the different promotions available we wan’t to make sure that the security system you are considering is the right solution to protect your home and family.

 Wireless Home Security Systems 101


What separates all the Different Companies? Before choosing a home security system, there are a few things that you want to include on your must have list. First, you want to work with a reputable security company in Indianapolis, or your local area. Make sure that you are going to be a priority after installation. In most industries, sales departments make their service sound like you are always taken care of but too often things change drastically after a purchase. For reason like this, you want to verify having access to a human being (preferably in the United States so there isn’t any frustration when communicating) instead of a recording. You want to make sure that issues that may arise will be taken care of promptly with courteous people who are there to help you. If something needs to be fixed make sure your provider will do so in a timely manner. If you are considering a DIY solution make sure you know the basics of alarms, and installations before making your purchase. Check to see what kind of support DIY security company will provide  if you have the need. It’s always best to have the option of  having a professional technician available if you can’t fix the systems issues yourself. Home alarm systems have many different functions. The more complex your system, the less it may be worth to do it yourself. You also may be surprised on the price difference of having a professional installation. I know at All About Security we have packages that are comparable to DIY Companies that carry similiar security equipment. It’s only a good deal if you’re getting what you expect and have the ability to take advantage of all the functions.

Alarm monitoring is just as crucial as your security equipment for your home alarm system. Make Sure you are being Monitored 24 hours a day. Most places will boast that they don’t have any downtime or have never missed an alarm but is that really true? By having the right alarm monitoring company you can avoid potential nightmares in the future. By using a security company that only uses UL list, CLAA Five Diamond central station you know you have the best monitoring your alarm! Less than 5% of security companies can say their central stations  have that type of alarm monitoring for their clients. Why is that important? Well, they have strict guidelines and random inspections. From having more than 1 central station to ensure redundancy and limit any downtime, to making sure that both alarm monitoring stations are running of different power grids. Making sure your home is protected is more important than any convenience that may be added with interactive home security. Hopefully, you will never need them but when you do you don’t want to count on a Company that answers calls and offers answering services, you want someone that will be there when you need them!

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With all the different security systems on the market, and different pricing, it can be overwhelming to make a smart decision. When shopping for a security system for your home make sure you are comparing apples to apples. All wiresless alarm systems aren’t the same. A wireless security system doesn’t mean you don’t need a phone line for your service (you would think so but read the fine print). That is the number one misunderstanding I hear when talking to people. What does it mean? It means that the security equipment isn’t hard wired, this also means there aren’t wires being run through your home. It means a cleaner, simpler installation with the ability to move your security equipment if needed. There’s still a wire for power so make sure that the technician can tap into an outlet, and if you plan on adding any video cameras,even wireless one, there are more wires to consider. It can be confusing and that’s why it’s always better to have a trusted adviser instead of a sales person when making a decision on your  home alarm system.

If you have read our articles in the past you probably already know that we are strong advocated for true wireless security without depending on vulnerable landlines, and for good reason. Good news is that it is not only possible but more affordable than ever before. Most families today have security without a phone line, and let’s face it, traditional phone lines are going away, you need to have a dedicated cellular connection added to your alarm panel to take advantage of a real wireless security system. It isn’t uncommon for  people to think they have a traditional land line when they don’t. If your home phone line is a broadband or DSL phone line, very few providers will accept it without having a back up, like cellular.  If you decide to go that route, ask yourself, what happens when my internet goes out?  Again, I don’t ever recommend using a phone line for your Home or Business Security. Not because the bad guys can cut your line, although that is a small possibility, but because phones lines aren’t as dependable as they used to be (not to mention expensive). If you want any home automation your phone line, generally, won’t matter since you will need the cellular connection, and often wifi, to be able to use your smart home security system. 

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When it comes to Interactive security services and home automation make sure you know if you will need internet. One difference between some providers is that most will have to use your internet, while others, like All About Security. have the ability to use only cell technology (big benefit for 2nd homes or homes in remote areas). If cell is used, make sure your provider checks the signal strength. There are so many features you can add on to your smart home security system but you don’t want to buy services you may not use. We always recommend starting small and having the option to expand later. Many security companies prefer you purchase everything at once (yeah, it’s great for them) and don’t want to let their customers add on piece by piece.  If you have a company that will make sure that you can add on to your security system without a huge price increase. Before the technician leaves,  make sure that your smartphone app is downloaded and you know how to use it. There are a good percentage of customers who have features that they don’t know about. Take your time after the installation and ask questions. Matter of fact, right down your questions before the install. That way the technician  doesn’t have to come back to  teach you how to turn your alarm on and off, or even worse, charge a trip charge to do something that should of been included. You can easily arm and disarm your alarm from a cell phone with basic interactive services and that’s the biggest benefit benefit of using smart home security services.

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What will you use, other than the security part? If you won’t use it, don’t buy it. You probably don’t need 6 video cameras unless you have a business or some type of special consideration. It may be nice but is the expense worth the benefit? How about a camera that takes picture instead? That’s one option that is great for vacation homes or homes without internet. There is something called an Image Sensor that is a camera, and a motion detector, not everyone has them but most will know the technology and should point you the right way. Door lock is the most under sold item in my opinion. That is a piece of equipment that will get its use, it isn’t cheap but it gets its use and is worth every penny.

So how much? That’s the part that can differ depending on the system.  Even with the “free” security systems you have to pay for a monthly service. Some security companies will have a higher monthly cost and give away more security equipment while others will sell the alarm equipmentupfront and have a lower monthly fee for their service.  Even though there is a cost associated with having a monitored alarm you shouldn’t over pay. If you want to put a few hundred dollars down then your payment should be lower than the tradition “free” System.  There are some companies that charge well over seventy dollars a month for their smart home security but it may be better to purchase some items and have a monthly payment that is on the more modest side. Even with all the bells and whistles I would recommend to stay under $60 a month if possible, with  putting some money down on security equipment you really can have a payment around $40 to $50 and, in my opinion, that is the way to go. Keep an eye out for  legitimate specials and savings, sometimes new products come out and there is special pricing. In the end, make sure whatever security system you get is customized for your needs because no matter how inexpensive your security is, if it isn’t doing what you want it to do it’s way too much. When it comes to choosing a wireless security system make sure you are asking the right questions and finding the right security company for your home and family. If you do, you will enjoys the benefits of wireless home security for a long time!

Remember, protecting your home starts before a home alarm system. Download your free guide to safeguard your home and family below!

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Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!




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