What is a Central Station and Why Have Alarm Monitoring?


What is a Central Station and Why Have Alarm Monitoring?

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Is Alarm Monitoring Important for Home Security?

Unless you want an alarm system that just makes noise alarm monitoring is very necessary.

In today’s environment home security has started to become a need over a want. Indianapolis has a crime rate that  is one of the worst in the nation. Home invasions have been in the news and more and more people are getting monitored alarms to protect their homes and family’s. But what exactly is a central station and why is it important to have alarm monitoring?


A central station is a facility that monitors security and other central-station-monitoringsystems for specific situations, most commonly burglaries, robberies, fires and medical emergencies and then makes an appropriate response. The key components of a central station are the equipment used to communicate with the security systems and/or people in need of assistance, the computerized receiving equipment that logs and prioritizes calls for assistance and the professionally-trained staff that responds to each situation. Central stations have different levels and certifications. It’s important to know that not all central stations are the same, but that’s another topic we will discuss  in another post. Now that you know what a central station is, we can talk about the importance of having a monitored alarm.

Why be Monitored?

It is a well-documented fact that security systems that are monitored by a qualified central station reduce crime. A study by researchers at Temple University found that homes with monitored security systems are 2.2 times less likely to be burglarized than homes without a security system. Businesses with a monitored security system are 4.6 times less likely to be victimized. FBI statistics say that a home invasion happens every 14 seconds and having a monitored home security system reduces your chances of being a victim and statistic by 300%. This doesn’t account for the attempted burglaries either.

A central station acts as your “silent guardian,” safeguarding your home, business and those you care about 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. Having a home security system without having professional monitoring is not much more different than having a car alarm. Now this may be enough to scare away intruders and that may be all you need but there are times when a simple noise making alarm isn’t enough to keep you and your loved one’s safe. 

iq-smoke-1-1There are other situations where a monitored home security system can help save lives that isn’t a burglary. If you have a complete life safety system that is customized for your home, your monitored home alarm can protect what matters most in other ways. For example, if your home’s smoke detectors are monitored, the fire department can be dispatched much sooner, saving valuable time. Without monitoring, by the time smoke and flames can be seen by neighbors it is probably too late. In a fire, every moment counts.

With the advancement in technology, many people have connected devices and are using their security system as the foundation of their “Smart Home”. One piece of equipment that does more, is a monitored thermostat. Many people use this device, and save energy, while cutting down cost. Most don’t  know that a “Smart” thermostat can work with a monitored smoke detector as well your entire home. If their is a fire, and you have both pieces of equipment, your connected thermostat can shut down your heating and cooling system. This will stop the circulation of  air, and the deadly smoke , through your vents. If you ask any fire professional about the dangers of fire and fatalities they will tell you that the smoke in a  fire kills more people than an actual fire. If you have a security system with professional monitoring ask your provider about these services. Without having a professional security company to respond to a real emergency the equipment can only do so much .You may be surprised how affordable it can be. to have the life saving services that only a central station can offer. The benefits of having a customized alarm package that is monitored by a professional central station can be priceless.

All-About-your-Security-SmartTherm_Alarm-.png?t=1475163887303&width=320&name=All-About-your-Security-SmartTherm_Alarm-Another feature provided is a panic button that can be used for any emergency. Having access to a keypad ,or key fob, with a panic button or similar device, you can be assured that a security professional is always at hand . A professional security company with a good central station is there to provide potentially life-saving assistance when you or someone you love needs it most. Whether it’s a medical, fire, or home invasion emergency, having a professionally monitored alarm is a great investment to help when you need it most. At All About Security, we hope our clients will never have to experience our 5 Diamond certified monitoring stations (less than 5% of security companies have central stations with this elite level of protection). over 99% of alarms are false alarms but when there is a true emergency we know that every second counts. It’s great to have convenience with the technology that has become so affordable in recent years, but when it comes to your protection nothing matter more.

When looking at security companies in Indianapolis make sure that you are comparing what services are available.  Having a professional security company that has a superior central station is key. A home alarm that doesn’t have professional monitoring may help you in certain situations but a monitored alarm can help you in all life safety situations.

If you would like to know some more benefits of having a monitored security system call one of our security consultants at 317.559.3500.  We are happy to provide our community with more information on a monitored security system. Remember you can always contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Until the next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!

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