Video Surveillance Camera vs Security Cameras

Video Surveillance Camera vs Security Cameras

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Part 1

Video Surveillance, Security Camera, or Video Security….Aren’t They All the Same?

When it comes to security systems and technology one thing’s for sure.  People love video cameras. Video has changed a lot in the last few years, and continues to evolve becoming more affordable and more accessible to everyone.  Technology has made it easy to view live video from your smartphone. With the wave of technology there has been a ton of confusion. What was once an expensive surveillance system can now be an affordable security camera, an HD  Analog camera with a DVR, or IP cameras that are becoming more advanced and easier to use daily. These are all different types of cameras, and they all have their place, but all video cameras aren’t the same.



Video Surveillance isn’t Home Security

Surveillance isn't hpme security

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This article is going to talk about surveillance. Video surveillance can be a part of a customized home security system, but it isn't security in the traditional sense. Having any video, even fake video cameras, can deter low level criminals but just having a camera surveillance isn't going to stop a more seasoned criminal. Video recorders don't call the police, and they don't stop a crime in progress. We see video footage everyday of people committing crimes, and many of those people get away with it. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional surveillance system can help guide you in determining the effectiveness of having them. I'll also explain some of the differences. Even though traditional video can be a part of protecting your home, it isn't home security. if it cant get help to your emergency

Camera Confusion!

These type of camera are often confused with security cameras but are they true security cameras? Video surveillance has been used for decades in businesses and has become mainstream for businesses.  Then, a few years ago for a few hundred dollars families started to have the ability to have an inexpensive analog camera system and businesses started to invest more in the quality of video.  Now, there are more affordable HD cameras and IP cameras for working class families and small business alike, that offer a high definition picture available. Even though they are more affordable, with installation they aren't cheap by any means.

But no matter how clear the picture is and crystal clear the image is, that doesn't stop a crime from happening.  In the best case scenario the recorded footage is used to catch a criminal after a crime has happened. That doesn't help protect your home and family from the event, it may help catch them though. In the worst case scenario, a professional burglar can easily hide their face and features or, even worse, destroy a system that could of cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Without a third party server, or cloud, the footage can be lost or destroyed.

Is a Traditional Video Camera and Surveillance Ever Needed for Home Security



Does that mean that video surveillance isn't needed anymore? Of course not, there are many situations where video cameras that are accessible from a smart phone or tablet can be a huge benefit, Home security is about peace of mind and these type of camera systems can be a solution for business owners and families alike.

Think about the small business owners or has a retail store with employees and has a high turnover rate. Many business owner will tell you that there aren't enough hours in the day and no matter how many hours you work you cant be at two places at once. Having the added convenience of being able to keep an eye on their location, or locations, while they aren't there can increase productivity, increase their peace of mind, and reduce theft.  It can also help arrest and convict a dishonest employee. 

For a family that has children, parent's, or special needs family in their home video surveillance can also be a possible solution.  Maybe keeping an eye on the kid, or even pets, can be something that can help a parent's day have a little less stress (And we all can use that).  Teenagers who know that there's always n eye on them are probably less likely to pick your house to have a party at when your not home. 

Boomers are also stepping up to take care of their parent and I'm sure there will be even more Gen Xers doing the same in the following years. Having video can help them feel more comfortable to be away from their parents. I think there is a better solution for that situation but having access to video can help non-emergency events and your sanity! 

What About Other Types of Cameras?

Hopefully, this article gives you a better understanding of traditional video.  Even though it's a brief description that cameras don't always mean security, However, like the beginning  of this article states, there are many different types of cameras.  It's important to learn about the different types if you are looking for a video cameras or any type of alarm system.


In the Part 2 we will discuss different types of security cameras and ow they may better protect your home and family,. We also have more on what the advantages and disadvantages of those devices. More importantly, when  security cameras may, or may not, be the right solution for your needs. Remember, if there isn't someone watching your cameras 24/7 then they aren't really security but that doesn't mean they aren't the right solution for what your looking to do. At All About Security, we put our clients priorities first and our goal is to find the right solution to make Indianapolis a safer and better place.


Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!





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