Home Security: Why Traditional Alarm Systems Are a Waste of Money

Home Security: Why Traditional Alarm Systems Are a Waste of Money

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Alarm systems have been around forever!  New technology has made it possible to protect your home and do so much more. In the last several years, new types of security, smart home services, and smart phone capabilities have become more affordable than ever! These services are easier to use than the old push button keypads too.

It amazes me that so many people have had the same home security system for decades without an update.  Even though they may still work, I’m sure many people don’t know that they can access almost anything in their home with a press of a button. Technology has changed. Old school alarm systems are a thing of the past. There’s no reason to get the same push button keypad with the same old technology that will just need to be updated again and again.  

All_About_Security.jpgThe good news is that there are security companies that bring affordable smart security  to the market and help find the right solution for your needs. Don’t waste your money dealing with people who don’t put your best interest first!

Let’s face it,  home security isn’t something that gets most people excited.  In the past it hasn’t always been a fun purchase. It can be because something bad happens, like a burglary.  Or an emotional purchase from activity in your neighborhood, or just because fear mongers knocked on your door. Why do security companies use fear tactics? Because it works!

Other times, it’s a purchase of your new home, getting married, or starting a family. Those are all great reasons to get your home protected. They are also all exciting times. Keeping the things you worked hard for safe, or the people you love protection when you aren’t there, not only helps them,but more often, helps you.  In my experience, that’s the top reason people buy security system. Peace of mind is priceless! What happens after that?  Maybe there’s a better way? 

Those are all short term , emotional buys. Time goes on and you have push button keypad that doesn’t seem so  “state of the art”  on your wall anymore and there hasn’t been a break in, so you stop using it. Your contract expires and you see that monthly bill each month  then something new and exciting come by and you decide to get rid of the service to rationalize your next purchase. Or worse, you keep paying a monthly bill for something you don’t use anymore.

Now, I’m not saying that an alarm system won’t save you from a burglary, or worse. It very well may, and may very well have. It’s kind of like insurance, you hope you won’t need it . Like they say, it’s always better to have it and not need it than need and not have it.  You see the stats, every 14.6 seconds there’s a break in the U.S. Most people will be a victim of a crime in their lifetimes. I  know all the reasons but the truth is that traditional alarm systems aren’t something you will need everyday.  Many won’t even use their security systems every day, kind of like my gym membership . 

Real security is so much more than alarm systems. And if you don’t use it every day than what good is it? It doesn’t matter how great the equipment is ,or how fast your alarm monitoring company responds if it isn’t being used.   That’s why you shouldn’t buy a traditional security system.

But what if there was something that helped make your life easier?  What if there was something that you would use everyday? That would do more than offer alarm monitoring. It would make your life more convenient too?  This type of  custom service would offer protection and, if you forgot to arm your system, it would automatically send a reminder to your smart phone or email? And what if it was even more affordable? Plus, You only dealt with security companies that didn’t use switch and bait advertising and looked out for your best interest?  What if you didn’t even have to have a keypad? That might change things, right?

That where your research, the right security company with the right type of system come in. Believe it or not there are still companies like that which exist. There’s more than ADT in the security industry and you’d be pleasantly surprised about the right security companies services. There  are still some security companies looking for effective ways to protect what matters most while still adding services that you will use on a daily basis. Our goal is to make our world a better and safer place, one property at a time.

From day one, we knew we didn’t want to sell the old traditional security systems that have been around forever. We wanted to be a company that put people first using affordable technology that kept you safe and  the home alarm systems that we were used to just weren’t cutting it. Why not have custom alarm panels that use software based technology that makes  your house a smart home and security services more affordable, more dependable, and the ability to add new security equipment and technology down the road?


What is Smart Home Security?

Simply stated, it’s what you want it to be! Adding features that allow your security to be customized for your needs.  Security equipment that starts as your foundation for your smart home.  There are lot’s of different alarm companies claiming to be the best, but the best at what? Everyone is unique, what’s best for you isn’t always the best for your neighbor. The great thing about “Smart” services is that they are automatically done. There’s no need to think about it. Their function is to communicate with you, as well as the other smart products in your home. It’s truly an amazing technology.

For some people, it’s also having a touchscreen panel that has the ability to look good on your wall and night stand. Possibly, have it double as a digital picture frame. For others, it’s having a discreet alarm panel without a keypad and using their smart phone as their main method of accessing their home. One thing is for sure. It isn’t a system that can’t be updated  remotely.  It isn’t something that you can’t expand yourself either. Whether it’s adding affordable lighting so you never have to walk into a dark home, or a smart thermostat that adjusts to your schedule without programming. And that’s just the start of it!

Many people think that  video cameras and surveillance systems are part of all smart homes.  Even though you may add security cameras to your smart security it isn’t something everyone has, or wants. By having your camera’s alert you when there is an alarm, or even a non-emergency event, security cameras can be a great addition to smart home security.  Some popular set up’s have a picture, or streaming video, sent to your phone when the kids get home or when someone wrings the doorbell. Not all video cameras are created equal so it is important to make sure that they are compatible with your security system. 

For the first time ever, you can even install them yourself without drilling a hole in a wall,  There are totally wireless options. This allows you to add equipment in the future, and uses encrypted sensors for everything in your home. That’s becoming more important today than ever, especially after the Simplisafe ordeal where a criminal can use an inexpensive piece of equipment to hack into your alarm.

Another great feature, if your looking for more convenience than security, you can use your broadband connection. If you want most secure alarm connection you can combine cellular technology. But it’s up to you, not a high pressure sales person, or technician, to persuade you what’s best for their commission check. 

Who is this right for?

This type of smart security is for people who use their smart phones and love the capability of using an app.  It’s also great for apartments and renters because there’s no drilling at all.  Other wireless security  systems have a keypad that still has to be drilled into a wall and this system is not attached to anything but your lifestyle. It’s also for the person who may want to have the ability to test some smart home features without going all in. With short term options and the ability to be moved easily, there’s the ability to not feel pressured into buying something you won’t use after a few months. It also makes sure you’re dealing with a company that makes their customer service a priority and doesn’t forget about you after the sale.  No one should be stuck to a security company that doesn’t put their clients needs first.

Whatever the right structure is for you, the alarm monitoring is still provided bu professionals. For us, that means using the same 5 diamond monitoring stations we do now.  

Security Guide

The Helix is just one of the many smart home security systems available today.  The beauty of dealing with the right type of security companies is that they have options. A good security consultant should ask you the right questions and never assume anything.  By finding out more about you, and talking less about them, you can find the right solution for all your  smart home and security needs. As always, you can call us at 317.559.3500 with any questions and speak to someone that will help you, instead of sell you.  We are happy to help in any way we  can.

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Until the next time, stay safe and informed Indy!

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