Top 5 Reasons Alarm Systems Don’t Need a Phone

Top 5 Reasons Alarm Systems Don’t Need a Phone

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When it comes to your home Security, you will, often, hear the question: Do you have a home phone line?  Alarm systems and phone lines have worked together for many years,but depending on a phone line, when it comes to your safety, is never ideal. Most people think that their phone line is the best, if not  the only way, to get their home security system monitored because this is what they were told at some point. That simply isn’t true! Why does every security company ask you if you have a land line phone? The real reason? The simple truth is to be able to quote you the lowest available price.

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At All About Security, we want to inform you, help you, and educate you and our community. We want to provide home security system tips so you can make the right decision for your needs,There are some very  rare  cases where you may need to have a traditional phone line. How can you tell when you absolutely need a traditional land line? Well, your local security company should have access to the items needed to test what is best for your particular area through all the different cell providers available. Questions like these should be how to choose a home security company. Wireless security systems doesn't mean you don't have to have a phone line, It just means the equipment is mainly wireless.

Even if you don't have cellular availability for your cell phone at home, it doesn't mean you have to have a land line for your system. Your local home security company should have options from the different cellular providers as well as equipment to boost the signal. That's one reason to have a professional security company install and maintain your alarm system When choosing a home alarm system make sure your security company is putting your needs first. Here are the top 5 home tips for home security systems  when it comes to having a land line phone.

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1. Traditional Phones Lines Aren't that Dependable    

Often times I've  been told "I got my home phone just for my security system""or " The only reason why I have a land line is for my security company".  Older, traditional security systems were always connected through a phone line, but that isn't the most dependable form of communication today.  Even though It may seem like the monitoring rate is the less expensive method for your professional alarm system, often, consumers come to find out from their technician that their home security system can easily be compromised if the phone line is interrupted.

Many big name companies will send out a so called "technician" that isn't a salesperson (or so they say) to install a "free" system. It is standard for the technician to quickly show you how easy it is to cut your phone line and sell you additional security equipment and services. It's an easy way to generate more revenue when the technician is in the home.

That's not the way we do business. Even though a burglar can cut a phone line, a bigger concern is weather issues or technical difficulties. All About Security is based on integrity and honesty, we will tell you the facts up front. Ask yourself if you want to do business with a company that will tell you what you want to hear or rather what you need to hear to keep your home and family protected at all times.  This method is the old bait and switch tactic. Offering you the lowest  quality and price, only to come out and have you spend much more money than originally planned. Don’t worry you can still stick with the land line, after all isn’t some security better than none? If this all you can manage, Yes! More often, you will find there are better, more affordable, and more reliable solution to secure your property.

2. The Features That New Security Systems Offer Don't Work without Added Cell Units

With today's technology, there are so many features that can benefit your lifestyle.  Whether its being able to access you're home security system from your mobile device or have video cameras to have an extra set of eyes on your home. All of these interactive features work through cellular connections and/or internet. If you want to have the conveniences of modern day Smart Security systems your phone line isn't necessary. With all the cool technology out there, why not take advantage of making life more convenient with a simple, smart, security solution? Technology changes so fast that it's nice to be able to add on different features as they come out.  Interactive security is the foundation of a Smart Home and it's nice to have those functions tied in to your security system in today's age where it is more affordable and more dependable than ever! 

3. All Phone Lines Aren't the Same  

 Traditional phone lines are becoming obsolete. Many people depend on their cell phones as their only phone. Others, still wan't to have a traditional home phone line as their main line of communication. What many people don't realize is that their home phone may be through their cable company or through other non-traditional types of carriers.  These aren't the same as the traditional land line and most respectable security companies won't use them as your main line of communication for security. If they do, remember that your security system only works if your phone is working. I don't know about you, but we have had times where our cable has stopped working. If your phone line is connected through your cable company, or DSL provider, when they go down, for any reason, so does your security system's monitoring capabilities. The most dependable phone lime is the traditional hard wired phone line.  T, which isn't as dependable for your security system. They are also the most expensive phone lines, so many people have started using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) or DSL phone lines thinking they are the same. They aren't.

4. People Don't Use Their Home Phones 

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Over the past decade less and less people have a home phone line. With the cost of cell phones, in specific smart phones, becoming more affordable many have decided to use their cell phones instead of their traditional phone lines.  Its seems like the only people who call my home phone are telemarketers.  Studies show the number of smart phones are increasing steadily while more and more people are doing away with their land lines. I'm not suggesting that's what is best for anyone but the facts are the facts. If you aren't going to use your land line phone then do you really need it? Even the least expensive land line phones average over $30 a month and the cost may not be worth it.  If everyone in the home has a cell phone and no one is using the land line, at some point it may be best, financially, to get rid of your land line phone all together.  With cellular and radio capability being more reliable every day and having a security system designed to have the best coverage with the right carrier in your area it is safer and more convenient to not count on your traditional land line phone.

5. Other Options that Save You Money and Still Give You the Benefits of a Home Phone Line

Even though you don't need a land line phone to have the best security system, many people are still used to having a home phone. If you are more comfortable having a home phone line, your peace of mind is more important than anything else.  The good news is that there are many alternatives that can give you the best of both worlds.  There are services that can cost as little as $2 a month and still give you the comfort of having that home phone line as a back up, I know this was important for my parent so we got rid of the $55 a month payment for their original phone line and found a VOIP carrier for about $5 a month.  In the end, having the better security system with the added reliability and the convenience of all the great automation services was the best solution for their needs. This helped them worry less, while still having the extra phone line at home.  The quality of the VOIP phone line may not be the best, but it works well enough for their needs and they don't need to worry about sacrificing their safety.


When we first started, All About Security, we made the decision to offer cellular units over traditional  phone line service for our clients for these reasons and many more. Unless our client's want to take the risk and go against our advice we use more reliable ways to protect our community. Ultimately, it's their choice. 

Since then, we have started to offer some broadband communication options. Why? For a few reasons. First, internet has become more dependable over the last few years. Speeds have become faster and many of the smart home services work better with a broadband connection. Second, because of cost. Most security companies offer a lower rate to up sell at the time of installation. We decided to offer a broadband option to be able to protect more homes at a lower price. Cellular is still the safest way to protect your home but if you're on a budget, or are more interested in a connected home, you can still have a great system.  Lastly, phone lines aren't going to get more reliable but the internet connections should only get stronger. Some of the best security systems use a combination of cell and the internet or use cellular as a back up connection.

People want to have access to their home from their computers, tablets, and smart phones. They want reliable service that is affordable.  When you use cellular technology you have the ability to stay connected to your home from anywhere.  You can add options as they come out, you can turn your wireless home security system on and off from almost anywhere, and you can control things in your home when your not there. Pretty cool!  Once you use your system for other items that improve your quality of life, you will remember to arm your wireless home security as well. If you forget, you get a friendly reminder to use your home security system daily.

There are a lot of security system companies out there. When you’re looking into a security companies make sure you have someone who asks you questions and listens to your answers! It’s not their home, their family, their belongings.  It 's yours.  If having video is important than ask them about your options.  If you want to add things on later make sure you know what that will entail.  When you have options, you have the ability to find what is right for you.  If you have questions and want reliable information there are resources for consumers. Check out, they are part of the Electronic Security Association and their site is dedicated to informing the public about the alarm industry.  

Don’t ever feel bad asking about potential security system providers about your home security needs.  Your home alarm system may be the thing that saves your life one day. At the very least, your security system should make your life more convenient on a daily basis. At All About Security, we offer a free home security guide to help keep Indianapolis and the communities we serve. You can download it for free below.

At All About Security, we have the privilege to serve the Greater Indianapolis Area.  We take this very seriously and there are other local security companies that do too.  Maybe not as much as us but we are a bit biased on that subject 🙂  

If you want to know how alarms work in general click on this link for a short article of the basics of alarm systems.

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