The Top 5 Advantages of True Wireless Security Systems

The Top 5 Advantages of True Wireless Security Systems

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Alarm systems have been around a long time.  Many homes have a hardwired security system that was built with the home but is that the best solution with today’s technology? Home security has never had more to offer and been so affordable.  But with all the options out there how do you know your getting the best security system for your needs? And what are the the real advantages of wireless security systems?

Before you can truly protect your home with any type of alarm system make sure you know home security facts. Stay one step ahead of the bad guys with this All About Security’s Infographic. Get this valuable resource for free! 

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Technology in the security industry has drastically advanced in the last few years. If you have your home protected with old, wired security technology that only works with a traditional phone line you may wan't to consider updating your system to better protect what matters most! If you don't have a security system in your home and are considering making an investment that has priceless benefits make sure you're making an educated decision.

Think about it, the computer in your home isn't running on a dial up modem so why would your home security be depending on that same type of technology?  True smart home security makes life safer, smarter, more efficient, convenient and has never been more affordable. Most importantly, it's easy to use.

Make sure your security provider uses wireless technology that keeps you informed of the important things happening at home. Smart security can easily grow with you so your system adapts to your changing needs. Whether it's knowing when the kids get home, or making sure your garage door wasn't left open, the options are endless.

Make sure you're comparing  security packages to find what will fit your current needs, as well as your future needs. It's always recommended to look at different providers, products, and features to see what will benefit your lifestyle the most. You may think you'll never want additional features like video, lighting, and other smart home features but you may want to add new technology in the future. It's better to be prepared just in case you ever do have additional needs.  Smart home services can keep your house protected and connected.

When you're choosing a home security system, consider these five reasons to go wireless.

1: Better Protection

When speaking to security companies it's important to compare apples to apples. If you aren't sure about  something ask. If your getting security, make sure it's going to give you the protection you're looking for. Make sure your security company's number one priority is your well being, safety, and peace of mind. While other security companies will advertise a wireless alarm system that is using a phone line, we believe that is misleading.  Whether your alarm system has been wired into your home or is a newer wireless system you still have the ability to use safer technology then traditional phone lines with smart home security systems.

That's why we always recommend install using a secure cellular connection.  This type of technology is fast and reliable. By enabling real-time alerts from your home eliminates so much worry. You can easily avoid vulnerabilities you'll find with other types of traditional home alarm systems.

If your security provider tells you a cellular connection isn't available in your area make sure your provider has the ability to use different carriers. You may be surprised, some of the biggest security companies, like ADT, only use one cellular carrier for all areas. This isn't a problem in most areas, but there may be a better option. Before having to use a traditional land line you may want to make sure other cell carriers wont work either.  Don't get stuck with a wireless alarm system that is vulnerable because of a land line. Again, just because your system is wireless doesn't mean your system isn't communicating with a land line. 

Make sure your security company is sending a professional technician that is local to your area. Have them do a proper walk through and assess your home so you don't have service issues later. At All About Security, our technicians are trained to make sure there isn't exposed phone or cable line that can be damaged by potential burglar, or from a common storm that would render a traditional alarm system useless. 

Traditional wired home security systems can also be vulnerable when your power, phone, or internet service goes out.   A fully wireless security system uses a secure, dedicated cellular connection, and battery-powered back-up, so that an alarm will always be signaled in an emergency and never leave you feeling vulnerable . 

2: Cleaner Installation with Mobile Repair.
With All About Security, it's easy to replace an existing system or add future proof panels that are 100% software based. This means that your security system can be updated without ever needing to be replaced or being out of date! That was unheard of less than a decade ago. Check with your provider to see how any service issues will be dealt with. You may never have a problem but when something does go wrong is when you see the true customer service of the security company you choose.  Always check reviews to see about customer service complaints, or praises. If you see a pattern of unsatisfied customers with service issues you may want to look for another security alarm provider.

There is no need to use the old keypads with standard  buttons that can break, or even show a pattern of numbers used. Today's technology offers color touchscreen panel, wireless sensors, and devices customized to meet your needs ,while still matching your décor.  They are easy to install and , unlike other security equipment, can be taken over by other professional security companies (that piece of advice is worth reading this article and is kept a secret by many less ethical home alarm companies). In fact, you can, generally, use most existing sensors from  previous system  and still add on new technology – this means there's no need to tie yourself to the out of date system that came with your house many years ago.  We make sure professional technician will install your  new equipment without any fuss or mess and so should other professional security  providers.

Another big benefit of using a cellular connection is the improved ability for use by your service provider to support and troubleshoot from their customer support center. In the past, every issue with your wired system required a visit from a technician. Now, here at All About Security headquarters,  we have ‘over-the-air' tools that remotely access your system to quickly identify and even fix issues on the fly. Again, check with your current security company to see if they can fix issues without having to wait days, sometimes weeks, for a service call.

3: Versatile Functionality

Because our wireless sensors are so versatile, you can use them to keep track of anything that opens and closes in your home, with real-time alerts you are always aware if something is opened without your approval (ex. teenagers, pet sitters, cleaning service). Our wireless sensors can inform you, without informing the police, if the situation calls for it. There are times when you need to know if a liquor cabinet, or a medicine cabinet, has been opened but you may not want to alert the authorities. If you can't have what you need from your home protection, then there isn't any reason to get the things you want. Get both from a security company that can deliver both. 
Door and window sensors are small enough to keep tabs on a medicine cabinet, liquor cabinets as well as monitor the gate to your pool/ backyard, or make sure that a safe isn't accessed without you knowing right away.  This will increase the awareness of what goes on within your home, not just on the outside of your home like traditional security systems.

wireless security systems

  4: Easily Expandable

As you and your family grow and change, your needs change too.  All about Security's wireless technology is portable, flexible, and adapts to your lifestyle so we can grow with our clients. Make sure your provider will give you the ability to expand with your Smart Home security system. 

With a child on the way, you might want to add an image sensor or camera to your nursery – no problem. When your kids get a little older, you can add extra sensors to cabinets or drawers to keep them safe. If you're traveling for business and need to hire a pet-sitter,  or if you have a cleaning service, it's simple to add a smart lock you can control from your smart phone so you won't have to worry about any lost, or missing keys. This is great for the Holidays, whether your traveling , or expecting guests. 

Whatever you'd like to add on in the future, or whatever technology brings, make sure your  security system is able to expand when, and if, the time comes. Our wireless  security systems are customized so our client's aren't pressured into buying  everything at once. Why purchase security equipment you may not need, or wan't? Make sure your home security provider is truly are all about your security!
5: True Smart Home Capability 

Your wireless security system should  be the foundation of your Smart Home. All About Security's services are made to be so much more than an alarm. Smart security systems should support a full range of connected devices that go beyond protection to make your home smarter and more efficient.  Hopefully, you never need the security aspect of your system. One big benefit of a true wireless system is that you can use it every day and never have a negative experience.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons to have a true wireless home security!

At All About Security, our mission is to make the world a safer and better place, one property at a time.  All of our systems have wireless connectivity because we only provide services with the highest standards. If our client;s want to have cameras, All About Security  provide affordable HD video.  If energy consumption is important, our clients have the ability to reduce their carbon footprint with a smart thermostat, smart light bulb, or smart socket. An added  benefit is saving money on their utility bill. And we already mentioned access control  for your home with Smart locks. One of my favorite's, is an integrated garage door controller. No more worrying all day wondering if the garage door was left open. And having all those functions would be overwhelming with 10 different apps. It's great to have one app for simple, smart, secure solutions! Wireless security systems have to be easy to use and make your life easier or you wont use them. Make sure the alarm company you are using trains you and your family the right way so you can take full advantage of your new alarm system. 

Alarm systems that aren't counting on a phone line, or the internet, give you the ability to be the smartest home on the block.  As always, we are here to help. All About Security appreciate the opportunity to be your local security company and trusted advisers. You can call 317.559.3500 if you would like to learn more about wireless home security.

Until next time, stay safe and informed Indy!

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