Top 3 Security Systems Used For Home Security

Top 3 Security Systems Used For Home Security

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Different Types of Home Security Systems

This year will be huge for technology in homes. The Internet of Things (IOT) is here!  With today’s technology it has never been easier to protect your home and family. The smart homes of yesterday  have become today’s home security systems. What was once unobtainable for most has become more affordable and easier to use then ever.  With all of the options available, your home alarm system can be the foundation for your affordable smart home security. But with all of the different alarm systems available and security companies claiming their security is the best how do you know what’s the best fit for your home and family?

Even with all the  technological changes there are still companies, and people, who don’t like change. When shopping for a home security system there are 3 types of alarm panels used for most homes.  All three are wireless systems, meaning that the installation is much quicker and cleaner than older hardwired  systems. All three have many similiarities, but the differences in what they provide  make a big difference in what option may be best for you.  Price is always a factor as well.  And even though there is a price difference with each type of security system that cost isn’t always passed to the end user.  We will go over the 3 types of security panels and the features and benefits of each one. In fact, all 3 alarm systems have their place for the right situation.


Security for your home today can add benefits of  life safety and the convenience of home automation. Your security system can cover issues like basic burglary, to fire and medical emergencies,  and to help you in any emergency.  Other features for energy management, water damage, and video are also popular add-ons.traditional security panels

Push Button Key Pads and Security Panels

If you have had a security system in the past then you are familiar with the old keypad. It is the workhorse of the industry and it’s used by most security companies.  There are some security systems that need this type of keypad for specific functions for security. While you may see advertisements for your state of the art security panel that excitement may fade away when it is installed in your living room.  It isn’t the most attractive security equipment on the market but, like anything else, it has advantages and disadvantages for its use.


  • It can be used for partitions and different areas where multiple keypad may be needed. Apartment complexes, large estates, multi-units, etc…
  • Commercial application for businesses that need many areas, known as zones, protected. Normally over 65
  • If you have had the system for generations you may be used to this type of panel. Older generation that may not be comfortable with new technology and just don’t like change.
  • Specific system for specific needs, like a video security system.
  • Effective for security and should have the lowest cost for a basic alarm system.


  • The look, often it can be an eye soar and if you have spent time and money decorating your home that may be a big concern for some folks.
  • Push buttons can fade, stick, wear off, and break needing to be replaced.
  • Difficult to customize and upgrade.
  • Learning curve. If you haven’t had a system in the past then it will take some instruction and can be difficult to use for many families.
  • Limited functions compared to other security panels for interactive services and home automation.

Even though these panels have their use, they have been installed since the 80’s they are largely outdated for most homes and families today.

 different types of security systems

The second security panels that security companies use often is the basic touchscreen panel.  It is normally an upgrade. With wireless security systems that are communicating through cellular towers they have become the new standard.  These panels will have a nicer look and most will offer the features and benefits that today’s families want and expect.


  • Touchscreen panels are easier to use for new owners.
  • Functions for home automation and interactive services have many more options.
  • Without push buttons so don’t have to worry about issues related with basic panels, like numbers fading or getting stuck.


  • Often, proprietary to the security company that is providing the service so if you decide to change companies you may need to replace the whole system.
  • Limited for new technology and adding on in the future.
  • Cost more and can be expensive to upgrade.

Touchscreen panels should be the standard for today’s home security. Even though, most companies have this as an upgrade option you will find security companies that use this as their standard. In my opinion, if you are getting a touchscreen panel than you are better off going with the next alarm panel.


The third most common type of technology used for security systems is also a touchscreen type of keypad. These systems have all the advantages of the other 2 types of systems discussed and are becoming the standard for new owners.The main difference between this panel is the way they are made. Most alarm systems use hardware that is the brains of the alarm system but new technology has brought 100% software based security systems. These types of systems are the future of smart security.

smart home security system


  • 100% software based means that these systems can be upgraded without the cost associated. Some can be updated through WiFi. Tired of having things outdated right after you buy them? This may be for you.
  • While other security panels can’t take over existing wireless security equipment like door sensors, motions detectors, and glassbreaks, these can often takeover existing equipment that is working and doesn’t need to be upgraded. This can be huge savings for clients who have a lot of equipment in their home.
  • More than an alarm, this type of home security can be the foundation of a smart home
  • Easiest to use and customize.
  • Can grow with your needs. New technology can be added on in the future and you don’t have to buy everything at once.


  • The main disadvantage would be the cost. Since this is more than a security system the payment or upfront cost for the added benefits will also be effected. The cost isn’t much different than the basic touchscreen panels
  • With all the features available, it can be overwhelming if dealing with a sales associate who doesn’t put your needs first.

The main benefit of going with this type of home security is having options. Technology has never been more affordable and even though your monitoring rate is higher than a traditional security system that cost can be reduced buy using features like energy management and not having to have a  standard phone line in your home.

In the past, if you wanted a security panel you had to be willing to sacrifice your home’s decor. Well, that’s just one of the advancements that has made an impact on the industry. Not only do they look different and affect your home protection in different ways but these different security systems also have advantages and disadvantages for your home as your needs change  in the future.  Which system is the best for you?  That depends on each individual. The option to customize your alarm system is the key. Let us know what you think? Leave a comment and tell us why your security system is the best and why.

All About Security offers a 100% software based touchscreen system as our normal panel.  Push button keypads are used for custom orders. Since we wanted new technology to be affordable available for the masses the cost for our basic interactive security is comparable to  most security companies traditional alarm system. For clients who want to have the added convenience without limitations, the smart home security panel we also offers has added benefits, like using WiFi as a backup form of communication, doubling as a digital picture frame, and video tutorials  for frequently asked questions at your fingertips.

What does your security system look like and what would you change?Best-Security-Systems-For-Home.png


Since there are so many options available today there is something for everyone. Home alarm systems aren’t always fun to shop for, or use, but with the addition of connected devices and smart home functions there has never been a more exciting time to be in the market for home security. When choosing a security system for your home make sure you start with your needs and then move on to your wants. Having a monitored alarm today is very different from 10 years ago.  If you have home security that may be outdated make sure you are calling your provider, as well as another local security company, to compare your options and costs.  Be aware of teaser rates and switch and bait tactics from providers who may not have your best interest at heart and make sure that your customer service doesn’t end at the sale. No matter how great your security equipment is, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right service for your needs. If you would like to learn more about the services and products available you can call us at 317.559.3500. We are here to help our community and  be your local security company for years to come.


If you would like to know how you can get your home and family protected click the link below for your free, no obligation, quote.



Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!



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