Smart Home Security System Family

Smart Home Security System Family

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So you want to know how smart home technology can benefit your life? Even though everyone is different, a typical day in the life of a family with a connected and protected home will have some similarities. You’ll find out how you can save time, worry less, save on your energy bill, and see how home security, with the added benefit of home automation, can take some of your daily tasks off of your plate.

From waking up, to getting ready for bed, a first-hand look at getting the most out of a wireless security system, that has smart services included in its design. After this article, you should have a clear understanding of how you can use your home security system for more than protecting your home from intruders.


Meet Bob and Jane Johnson. They invested in a smart security package a few months ago. Originally, they wanted to add some extra measures to make sure the entire family was safe and not have to worry about a potential break-in. They also wanted to make sure the kids got home from school safely each day since they couldn’t be there until later in the evening most days. 

They had heard about some of the smart home services from commercials on TV and thought they were cool, but weren’t quite sure if it would really help their home and family. Their security consultant explained the different types of services and showed them a couple of short videos with what today’s systems were most used for. They were lucky because their security consultant listened to them and showed them services that would potentially help their lifestyle.

Jane was impressed, but Bob was a little skeptical. He wasn’t the guy who was on his cell phone all day and wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to learn how to use the services. Bob knew that Jane wanted to try it so he thought he would give it a shot. At the very worse he could use it as a plus for when he wanted something.

Smart Home Devices

After going over a few key products and services they made a decision on what they wanted to try out in their home. The 30-day satisfaction guarantee and low price guarantee from their local security company made them feel at ease about the new service. And it wasn’t that much more than they expected.

After the basic wireless security system, they ended up with a smart thermostat, a sensor to control their garages door, and a front door lock that integrated with their security system. As part of the special promotion they also received a few smart light bulbs that they decided to place in both their bedroom and on the front porch. But how did they use these extras in their daily life? And was it worth the extra investment they made in more than an intrusion detection system?

Smart Services and the Kids


Since their kids are now 12 and 16, it was important for them to know when the kids got home and where they were. It also helped that they all had smartphones but they didn’t feel comfortable giving the kids access to it just yet. Instead, they had custom user codes created for their children and like the fact that their security panel took a picture of whoever disarmed the system from the panel. That way, when their 16-year-old daughter got home from school they were able to receive visual confirmation that she didn’t have her boyfriend with her from their panel and the upgraded motion detector that they could peek in with for a picture if needed.

A Smart Start

Bob and Jane both work up pretty early in the morning. They wake up at 5:30 every morning to get ready and make sure the kids get breakfast and are off to school before heading to their offices. One benefit, that they didn’t expect, was the extra wake up call they got each morning with their smart lighting. Their security consultant helped them program their new lights. Every morning they had their bedroom light turn on at 5:20. That way it didn’t matter the season or the weather they would know it was time to wake up when they first opened their eyes. The alarm clock on their cellphone wasn’t as loud as they iked and it wasn’t uncommon to sleep through the first few alarms.

Another nice feature was the ability to leave without worrying about turning off the light in their bedroom as they rushed to work.  Most days, they would use their cell to arm the system as they left for work. If at 9:30 their system wasn’t armed Bob received a text message reminder and would make sure their home was protected and their bedroom light was turned off. They like it so much that they plan on adding some extra lights for around the home. At around $45 they are able to buy them from their local security company, or even online.

Bob left for work after Jane normally. He was almost always the last person to leave home. Today, Bob was on the phone when he left for work. Jane kept her car in the garage but Bob had his vehicle in the driveway. As Bob left for work he was still busy on an important phone call and wasn’t paying attention to his daily routine. Bob was on auto pilot as he went to work for a long day.

When Bob got to work that day, he didn’t remember if he had set the alarm, or even if he closed the garage door. This would of drove Bob crazy in the past, but with his new smart home security he didn’t have to call his neighbor, go all the way home and miss his morning meeting, or worry until the kids got home from school. He could look right from his computer so he didn’t have to look like he was using his cellphone for personal use.

When Bob first started using the new system, he would simply check his smartphone and get a quick look to make sure the doors were locked, the alarm panel was armed, and the garage door was closed. If he forgot any of those things, he would simply press a button and the task was done! They loved this feature.

What About GeoFencing?

After a few weeks, he read an article from his security company’s blog that talked about geofencing. This was the location Smart-Phones-For-Smart-Homesbased services his security advisor and told him they could use. Bob called his security company and his consultant explained how to turn on the feature and set a few rules. Now Bob had a rule called “off to work”  that automatically armed his system on away mode, locked the front door, and closed the garage. If he forgot to arm the system he would get a notification on his iPhone when he left the neighborhood and would make sure it was armed right away with a push of the button. Home automation that was made easy!

Find out how much GeoFencing security costs?



After School Security System

In the afternoon when the kids got off the bus, they had their own user code to unlock their smart lock. Using this feature would make sure Bob could get a text notification letting him know that the kids were home from school. Even though they were pretty good about calling there were times they forgot. It was great to have that added reminder. Since the kids didn't have to use a key for the lock, as soon as they unlocked the door both he, and Jane, knew that they were home with the daily text message notification.

Since the kids were gone 3 days of the week for their after school activities, Jane came home to an empty house. Even though they lived in a good neighborhood, Jane wasn't crazy about her, or the kids, being alone. That was the original reason they looked into a security sytems for the home. Jane felt better having the systm but there were other pleasant surprises too.

With their smart thermostat, they managed to save almost 20% on their electric and gas bill. When no one was home, their thermostat automatically was set about 6 degrees cooler, or warmer, depending on the season. When Jane got home the temperature was always comfortable because they used their location based services to automatically adjust the temperature as soon as they were about a mile away. Since they live in Indianapolis, the weather was often a surprise and when there were extreme temperatures their thermostat automatically made the temperature adjust by a couple of degrees to try and save a few extra dollars and that had helped too.

Since Bob was a worrier, he could easily make sure that the doors were locked. In fact, as soon as Jane got home she would disarm the system as she pulled up to the home and parked in the garage. As soon as she got to the panel she would arm the system to stay and that would automatically lock the front door if it was left on. This would also automatically close the garage door which was great. Most days before their smart home security, Bob would come home and the garage door was left open. Now, if they forgot to close the garage after Bob was home they received a notification at 8 every night and they would close the garage just by acknowledging the push notification from their smartphone.


In the Evening

When their daughter came home in the evening from her part time job on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings it was always pretty dark. It was also an added bonus now that the front porch light turned on at sunset and turned off at sunrise. She had gotten the job to save up for a car and Bob wasn't too thrilled about her working late but he and Jane decided the added responsibility was good for her. Having the front porch light on when it was dark made them both feel better. It was also nice they never worried about turning it on or off.

Since everyone had to be up early in the morning, the Johnson family tried to all be in bed by 11:00. To help make going to bed as easy as possible the Johnsons had a "Goodnight" rule set up as well. Every night at 10:30 bot Bob and Jane received a notification to make sure the "Goodnight" scene was already in process. At 10:30 every night during the week, their home security system was armed in stay mode, and the garage door was automatically closed (if left open), the thermostat was set about 2 degrees cooler than the daytime hours   (because that's what's recommend by sleep experts) and the front door is locked. Most days they did this already but there were times that they forgot and woke up to an unlocked door or an open garage. Not anymore. Even their bedroom light was programmed to turn off at 10:45 to help them stick to their schedule.


From Protected to Connected Home


When the Johnsons decided to get a security system they thought that it would help them feel safer and avoid a potential burglary. It was more of an insurance policy they hoped they never had to use. With their smart home security, they love the fact they get to use it every day. Before their smart system, they would never have thought to use all these additional smart services as a part of their alarm system but since it didn't cost much more to incorporate their smartphone and services with their security they took advantage of all the technology that today's wireless security systems offer and used their system every day.

Bob and Jane also enjoy the fact that they have the ability to add on in the future. The next thing on their list is a video doorbell for their front door. At least that's what Jane wants, Bob wants to add a sum pump sensor and a few more lights to the home. We will see who wins that one in a future story on how they use the additional services.



More Than an Alarm system

Smart home technology doesn't have to be difficult. By adding on services that you'll use you can make sure they help make life better with small conveniences that are affordable. Whether you want to have better protection, some security cameras, or ways to make sure the kids aren't watching too much television, it's all possible and affordable. No more playing with the thermostat either. You can take advantage of a protected home while staying connected. Your smartphone isn't going anywhere and people will only continue to want to stay connected with the devices they use daily. Love it or hate it, we are using our smartphones for everything.

Now that you see a day in the life of the Johnsons, you can see what a day in the life of your household will entail. Tell us how you use your smart home security systems in your life and write your own story. There are so many creative ways to use your interactive security so let your imagination go wild and create the ultimate system for your home and family. Tell us about it on FacebookPinterest, or leave a comment below.

If you want to know more about smart home devices or security systems that do more than make noise you can always call us at 317.559.3500. We are here to help make your life safer and better. Learn more from our blog. All About Security offer services from basic security to the ultimate home automation packages that are affordable and easy to use.  Contact us anytime!

And until next time....

Stay safe and informed Indianapolis!


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