New Smart Home Systems: Introducing UltraSync

New Smart Home Systems: Introducing UltraSync

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Smart home technology is getting better every day. With home security companies integrating life safety, and lifestyle management into their services, features like arming, and disarming, your system from your phone is only the beginning.
The newest platform to hit the market is from Interlogix. The UltraSync SmartHome Hub may look like other security systems that you’ve seen, but it’s not! With its unique platform and integration, thiscontrol panel is unlike other security systems you’ve ever seen!  In fact, it’s a smart hub and not an alarm panel at all.


How’s This Smart Home Hub Different Than Security Systems

The main difference with this type of control panel is how it focuses on integration with a long list of products and home automation features. Most traditional alarm systems that have this type of capability use third party companies for their services.  Most people aren’t aware of this but it’s a fact. Whether it’s ADT Pulse, or your local security company, the functions that people love, like using your smartphone, is a service through another company. 


And there’s nothing wrong with this, in fact, some of the best smart security is integrated with outstanding platforms. is one example of exceptional service.  But when it comes to speed, privacy, and cost, nothing can compare to UltraSync.  Third party service is great but they don’t come without a cost. Often times, that service can cost more than alarm monitoring. Just ask a security dealer.
 Since this type of hub has a web server built inside of the control panel, the user experience is at the top of the list. This makes your smart devices work much faster. Even with the best platforms of the market, there is still a lag time, some better than others. With UltraSync, the response is almost instant.
Since signals don’t have to communicate when any third party providers and use it’s own encrypted platform that never leaves home, risks like cyber security are greatly reduced.  Think about it. Are hackers more likely to target one system when they can try to infiltrate hundreds of thousands?  Not only is the encrypted technology secure, but there is less to gain for professional cyber criminals.
UltraSync also has the option of professional alarm monitoring or self-monitoring.  That means you can have an intelligent home that communicates with your smartphone. Security is an important aspect of any intelligent home or connected services.  If you prefer to be alerted instead of the authorities you can choose to do so. Most alarm systems don’t offer you that option.

Overview of UltraSync SmartHome System


The UltraSync Hub is a convenient access point to control all of the functions of the UltraSync SmartHome System. This hub is fully wireless (excluding power), and easy to use.  When it comes to security, the system has the ability to control up to 64 individual sensors, or zones.
Another unique feature is the ability to control 4 different living spaces, also known as partitions. That means you can have different users  access 4 different areas in your home or small business.  Perfect for residential use, even better for multi-units, smart security just became even more affordable.
Whether it’s a duplex or a basement, with the UltraSync SmartHome it’s like having a separate system without the additional cost.
You’ll also have the ability to place the hub on a wall to give others the ability to use the keypad. The LED lights and voice guided menu make using the hub as easier than traditional keypads.
It is more common to use the award-winning app as the main point of control.  Another nice advantage is the ability to program the equipment remotely.  That’s another benefit of the built-in native web browser.  This makes the UltraSync SmartHome perfect for DIY installation.  Your security company can program the sensors and all you have to do is place them where they need to go.
Even though UltraSync is a smart hub, most people will use professional alarm monitoring to secure their home.  It provides options that fit any budget.  With a built-in Ethernet port, broadband is the most cost effective way to add monitoring to your system.  As an added safety feature, cellular is also available as a primary, or backup, form of communication.
No matter the communication method, the native web browser will communicate with the central station using encrypted technology. This ensures secure communication.  Wifi is also available for a complete wireless solution.
For additional security, a cellular module is available too.  Cellular can be used as a backup communication, or the primary in a home without internet (think a second home or remote area). Broadband monitoring is considered to be
safer than a traditional phone line and has become more dependable in the last couple of years.  However, when it comes to security, having a cellular connection is still safest.

UltraSync SmartHome Hub Key Features:

  •  Integrated LED Dislay
  • Voice Guided Menu for Easy Operation
  • Wifi for Alarm Reporting and Monitoring
  • Ethernet Port for Broadband Monitoring
  • Optional Cell Module for Alarm Monitoring with Quick Installation
  • Z-Wave Radio Built-in for Home Automation
  • Ability to Add Over 250 Smart Devices (Z-Wave)
  • 64 Zones for Home Security
  • 256 User Codes
  • 20 Key Fobs
  • 16 IP Cameras for Live View and Recorded Event Playback
  • Award Winning Smartphone App for Remote Access
  • Professionally Monitored or Self-Monitored Option
  • 4 Partitions (Program up to 4 areas with unique user codes)
  • Native Web Server for Remote Programming (DIY and Service)
  • Compact, Low Profile Style Ideal for  Tabletop or Wall-Mount Mounting
  • Ideal Design for Apartments and Homes
  • Updates Available Remotely





UltraSync Self-Contained Smart Hub: Secure, Fast, Easy, and Convenient Home Security!




The most important aspect of any system is if it can be trusted. There has been a lot of talk about the
safety of wireless security systems. Whether it’s old alarm systems that use a traditional phone line or wireless alarms that can be easily hacked, your protection shouldn’t be a compromised.
UltraSync communicates with your central station using encrypted technology.  Since the Smart hub has a built-in web server, your privacy and protection is well above any other home alarm system on the market.  This type of smart home security is as hacker proof as possible.
Response time is key with all home security and smart home systems. Nothing is more frustrating then waiting on a slow reacting system.  We’ve been spoiled with technology and expect the quickest response possible. Especially when it comes to alarm monitoring.
Since all decision making and communications are done through a centrally located hub. Unlike other platforms that use a cloud based server, UltraSync communication doesn’t have to leave your home to process a signal.  That brings you the fastest service available with the most secure wireless technology on the market today!
UltraSync makes using and programming your connected home easier than ever.  You’ll have the option of programming your mew system right from the panel or from an internet connect device.  Thinking about DIY installation? Your security company can program everything before the system is in your home. All you’ll have to do is place the equipment in the designated areas, test the connection, and you’re all set!
Another advantage of a true smart panel is the ability to add on other devices in the future. Your security dealer can easily program the new equipment right from their computer or even their smartphone! Not to mention the ability to have firmware updates without a technician stepping inside your home.
Remote programming also makes the UltraSync the most convenient system on the market. Service calls are almost non-existent. With your new smart system you won’t be stuck at home waiting for a technician to arrive.
Since home automation is such a large part of UltraSync’s SmartHome technology, advanced features to make your life more convenient are always one push of a button away.  Control your lights, thermostat, door locks, security cameras, and more with one platform.
One of the most powerful features is the ability to create scenes for different events like home, away, morning, vacation, and so much more. You can create just about anything that you can imagine so think outside the box and see what features may benefit your lifestyle!
UltraSync is truly a game changer when it comes to security and home automation platforms but that doesn’t mean it’s the right system for your needs. It’s always important to weigh the benefits of all your options before making a decision.
What Isn’t Available With UltraSync?
If you are looking for something a little more traditional, another system might be a better fit.  One thing missing from UltraSync? A bold and
beautiful touchscreen.  Smart hubs generally don’t have a touchscreen type of panel. Matter of fact, most don’t have a keypad at all.  Your smartphone is the keypad.  A touchscreen is available as an add on but it isn’t going to be in a standard package.
One key advantage of having a separate touchscreen keypad is having a separate hub as the panel. The “brains” of your security system become a separate piece of equipment making it difficult for an intruder to bypass the alarm from going off.  UltraSync does use smart technology to ensure a signal is sent if the main panel is destroyed but a separate secondary keypad adds another line of defense for wireless alarm skeptics.
Another feature that isn’t currently available is 2-way voice. The ability to talk to a live operator from your keypad is a big benefit when it comes to security for your home. Most system that offer 2 way voice need a phone line and are meant for verification of an alarm.  If those features are important to you than one of our other smart security systems powered by may be a better fit.
The good news is that 2 way voice is expected in the first quarter of 2017.  There isn’t a firm date available and nothing is guaranteed until it is in production, but it is more than likely a feature that will be rolled out in an upcoming firmware update. Once that is a part of the this smart system, UltraSync will be the best system available for the price. Obviously, that is an opinion but UltraSync is the system in my home so I truly believe it is the best smart home security in the market right now.
Another factor to consider? Since this is a new platform, some additional equipment may not be available right away. One such item is a video doorbell. But since adding video cameras to UltraSync is one of the main benefits, you can always add a security camera to your front.  New types of equipment are rapidly being added on, so that may change in the future.
There’s advantages and disadvantages with every system and platform. Other alarm panels are available with those particular features but they will also cost more. And if smart devices and video cameras are important to you, there is no other system that can have as many devices connected to all work together. up to 16 video cameras and 250+ Z-Wave  devices integrated, that’s impressive  Especially without increasing your monthly payment.

When it comes right down to it, UltraSync SmartHome Hub is an amazing value. It’s one of the most affordable systems for a protected and connected home.
UltraSync is now available at All About Security. Currently, monthly rates are as low as $15.99 a month for the self-monitored system, and $24.49 for professional monitoring when you purchase the equipment. That’s less than SimpliSafe, a DIY company whose monitoring has been criticized for its
lack of cyber security. Not only is UltraSync better quality than comparable equipment, it’s also a lot safer!


Want to know more about smart hubs? Is UltraSync right for your home or apartment? Want to know how much it will cost for your desired equipment package? No problem. Contact All About Security to get your free interactive demo and consultation.  It’s a truly impressive platform. You can see if it’s right for you by calling 317.559.3500.
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