Security Cameras vs Surveillance: Video Alarms as Home Security

Security Cameras vs Surveillance: Video Alarms as Home Security

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Part 3 of our Trilogy

Video Cameras as Standalone Home Security?

In part 1 and part 2 of our surveillance vs security camera battle we took a look at different solutions with different types of camera systems.  In this article we will  take a look at something diffeent. Many would say these next cameras are the only type that should be considered real security cameras. This new type of security comes from technology that has made video security available for homeowners and small businesses for the first time.  In fact, it wasn’t available just a few years back. Video alarms! What are they really about? Are they the right  type of solution as your family’s home security system?


Now that you know the difference between security cameras and traditional video we can take a look at this new type of home security that is getting quite a bit of attention from authorities.  In fact, the alarm industry and the law haven’t always been the best of friends.  And it’s understandable why.  Alarm systems are meant to deter burglars and other criminal activity.  The one disadvantage of a home security system? They aren’t meant to catch burglars. 

Faster Response Times with Video?

What do Police want? They want to make arrests and do their job.  With the increase of criminal activity Police have to prioritize every situation.  Unfortunately, alarms have a tendency to cause issues when they aren’t properly used  causing false alarms. Over 98% alarms are false alarms, it’s difficult  to justify sending a squad car speeding with their lights on when 98 out of 100 time it isn’t a true emergency.

Because of reason like this, police response top alarm systems has slowed down tin most big cities. Security companies have had to find ways to reduce false alarms and have added procedures to help.  Video has been one way to make home security more effective. 

The one complaint you here about video cameras as a security consultant? Video cameras are great to see what happened, even possibly help catch a criminal after the fact but your video camera isn’t going to call the police, right? That’s where video alarms are changing the game! By making security cameras respond to an emergency with professional alarm monitoring security companies can help make your emergency a priority.  Are most alarms a false alarms? Yes, but when your real alarm is treated like a false alarm there’s a problem.

How do Video Alarms Work?

Video security alarms are different from security cameras and surveillance systems. A video alarm is very much like a traditional alarm system in many ways but different in key ways  for alarm verification.  When the system is set there has to be someone to trigger the alarm like other security systems.  Whether that is done by a door contact or  a motion detector doesn’t  make a difference.  Once there is someone who has triggered the alarm a video camera starts taking a short clip, between 7 and 10 seconds of video.  That video is transmitted to a professional alarm monitoring center where a professional actually can see the video.  That makes it a very different way of dispatching police. 

Think about it.  Normally, an alarm is triggered, the alarm monitoring center attempts to contact the homeowner to verify the event, if they don’t pick up the phone then the operator contacts the authorities and relays that information. Since the operator has limited information they can’t provide any details about the alarm. 

With video verification available, the monitoring station can rule out many types of false alarms. They can see if it’s the balloons you got for Valentines Day, the kitten jumping around, or an actual intruder. Video verification has even been endorsed by the National Sheriffs Association. Video monitoring helps makes arrests as well. When the police know that this a true crime happening they can place your home alarm as a crime in progress.  In fact, some video alarms have over a 50% arrest rate.  You know what home alarm systems have as an arrest rate? Less than half a percent.  That doesn’t mean that traditional security systems don’t work. In fact, they do. Their job is to deter criminals and to notify you if the alarm has been triggered.

Here is a 10 second clip of actual footage where an arrest was made.

Video security helps take criminals off the street.  By letting the authorities know that a crime is taking place they can rush to the scene. Most break ins happen when people aren’t home and setting a silent alarm with video security systems can help make the entire neighborhood a safer place to live. 

There are different types of alarm systems with video that are used for residential security. that are quite effective.  But like surveillance cameras, traditional security systems, security cameras, and everything else they have their place for the right situation.

Videofied is an example of video security. This type of wireless security system doesn’t offer the best quality video but it does offer video verification and has made millions of arrests!


Understanding Video as Security and How it Increase Your Life Safety
  • Our operators see what triggered the motion activated video camera.
  • Police usually provide quicker response because of increased arrest probability.
  • Insurance companies experience less in losses due to higher priority police response.
  • More arrests and smaller claims are the goals of law enforcement and the insurance industry.
  • Their eager accesptance of video verified alarms results in increased homeowner safety.


Who May Benefit From Video Security?
  • Small Businesses that are concerned more about security than automation
  • Apartments – with a complete wireless video solution a renter can easily have home security without worrying about damaging anything in the home
  • Bigger cities, like Indianapolis, where police may not respond as fast to alarm systems as they do in smaller towns
  • Rural areas and farms – video alarms have complete wireless solutions that can be placed anywhere without electricity, internet, or a phone line.
  • Families who want a low profile security system

If you are interested in smart home features, a video alarm may not be the best solution for your home.  You can access video monitoring systems through your cell phone to arm and disarm and even look into your home but that’s about the extent interactive services that are offered.  For people who can have the best of both worlds, you an add a monitored security cameras to your smart home security.  There are customized systems that offer both types of technology  but a video security system isn’t it.

Wan’t to find out how much a video alarm sytem costs? Click below for a free, no obligation, quote!


Video systems are for people who are more concerned about having the police respond to a real emergency than anything else.  It is one of the safest security systems you can have.  Our videofied system uses military grade encryption and doesn't allow breaches of security, like hacking, that traditional security systems are more vulnerable to.

Find the Customized Security  That's Right for Your Home and Family

So with all these different types of cameras which system is right for you? Your security system should give you the peace of mind that you're looking for.  If that comes from surveillance, security cameras, or video alarms is really up to you, and your family.  Whatever you decide to invest in, make sure you're working with security companies that will place your priorities obver their commision checks.  There are a lot of security system providers in Indianapolis. There aren't that many that provide customized security systems with all these diffeent options. At All About Security, we're happy to help guide you with all your security, video, and smart home needs. If we can't find the right solution, we will help find the security company that will.

Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!



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