How Affordable Smart Home Technology Helps Parents

How Affordable Smart Home Technology Helps Parents

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Most people think home security systems are strictly used to protect your home and family. That is definitely one benefit of having an alarm system but it’s not the only benefit of having smart home security.

The times have changed. Most families don’t have the luxury of having a parent stay at home to raise their children. And even if you have the toughest job in the world, being a parent, it’s not possible to watch your kids 24 hours a day.

Smart Home Technology Helping Parents Beyond Burglar Protection

Why not take advantage of the tools available to keep your kids safe, and keep an eye on them when you aren’t home? Home-security-systems-help-parentsTechnology is only overwhelming when you don’t know how to use it. That’s why simple and affordable interactive services are so popular. They’re easy to use!

Traditional alarm systems are limited to basic functions. They are designed to deter, detect, and deny burglars. Now, this is a very important aspect of any security system. However, with today’s security technology, there are so many other benefits that a custom security system can provide your family.

Depending on the age of your child, and what they get into, you have different concerns. With younger children it can be a challenge to protect them from themselves. From making sure they don’t wander off, to eating the dried paint, or any other crazy adventure! They are always getting into something.

For their own protection, it’s important to have certain areas off limits. There may be rooms that they need to stay out of. There may be cabinets that contain household cleaners or a medicine cabinet that they should never get into. Childproofing your home can be a difficult task. That’s where your smart system should give you a hand.

What if your kids are a little older? Well, that will bring on different concerns. If you’re like my family, there are days when your child gets home from school and you can’t be home. I don’t know about your kids, but ours often forget to call us when they get home. This can affect your whole day. It’s difficult to focus on work when you’re busy worrying about the one’s you love most.

And teenagers? Those can be difficult years for kids and parents both. No matter how well you raise them, they will make mistakes. Most of those are just a part of life. Some things are more serious. It’s our job as parents to do everything we can to keep them safe, sometimes from themselves, and to stay one step ahead.

How Can Smart Security For Your Home Help?

A secure connected home is an intelligent home that will keep you and your kids safe. It will also add convenience to your life and it can be adjusted for each stage of our kid’s lives. Some security equipment is used for emergencies but other equipment can be used to notify you when an event occurs. Every sensor doesn’t have to be programmed to call the police. Some things are meant to be kept private. By having your smart security notify you there are so many events that can make your life easier and save your sanity. I mean, the biggest benefit of any security is peace of mind and that can be different for each person.

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If you are a stay at a home parent there are many ways home automation services can help make your life easier. Just by adding a few door sensors to some cabinets can be a life saver. Not to mention if they are old enough to open the door and walk out. Kids are curious. By having a few sensors and an indoor smart camera you can make sure you know what they are up to...even when you can't see them.

For many working parents, it can be difficult to leave the kids at home. If you have a nanny or someone who helps take care of your sweet baby you still want to be able to check in. We've all hear the nightmare stories where someone in the childcare industry mistreats a child. By having security with smart interactive services you can protect your child and the person who is taking care of them,

You'll know if they are doing what they are supposed to do and they won't have to worry about being falsely accused. If they take the kids for a walk or to the park you'll have better peace of mind knowing when they left and when they came back. Just a few benefits that most people don't think of when looking at home alam systems.


If you have kids that are at the awkward age of being a little adult you're probably concerned about what they are up to when you aren't around. When they get home they're supposed to call but they often forget. It's only natural to expect the worst. It;s hard to concentrate on work when you're worried about the kids getting home safely.

By having a smart security system you can avoid situations like these. You can set up a text message to be sent to you when they disarm the system. That feature on its own is worth having a monitored alarm system. If you want to take it a step further, an image sensor can send you a picture of your child as soon as they get home. With a smart alarm panel, your system will take a picture of anyone who disarms your security system. What;s great about this feature is that it can be a secret. You'll appreciate this even more in a few years when they're teenagers!


This may be a fun time for your kids but it can be the most stressful time for a parent! Today's kids use technology for everything. Isn't it time for parents to use technology too? There are quite a few ways that interactive services with your connected and protected home can make this stage in life a lot easier.

The first thing that's diffeent from traditional alarms your system can do is make sure you know what time they get in. If they have a curfew, there won't be any way they can lie about the time they got in. Having that image sensor comes in extra handy as well. Now, you will know when they got home and who they were with. I don't know about you but there are a lot of dads who love this feature for their daughters. :). You can also peek in with your image sensor or video camera and see what they are up to. They may say it's an invasion of privacy, but that's up to you as a parent.

Going on vacation? No parties allowed is a rule for many parents but how do we know if they are following the rule? Even if they know about the image sensor and any cameras there's a better way to know if something is going on. Remember the door sensors? Well, the ne nice feature is the event history that your All About Security system keeps update. If you see a door open and close over and over again that may be the sign of guests coming in your home. Busted!

Using those sensors for non-emergencies is a great benefit. Another common use for a wireless door sensor is placing one on a liquor cabinet. Anytime that door is opened a text message can be sent to your phone. Even if your son or daughter knows better than to drink they may have a friend who attempts to take some liquor out of your home. These are handy on everything from liquor cabinets and medicine cabinets to a safe or a drawer where there is a firearm.

More Home Automation Options For Home Security

While most  security systems aren't meant to do more than preventing a burglary your smart security will do so much more. Adding additional types of equipment like door locks and thermostats will help manage your family's daily tasks and keep them safe.

There's so much you can accomplish with smart security systems! You can make sure the kids stay in bed with an image sensor. Whether they're toddlers or teenagers, sneaking out of a room  just became so much harder!

How about the window? Just place a window sensor on bedroom windows and get an alert if it opens. In some ways, I almost feel bad for this generation. Almost. In the end, it's about raising kids who will become good adults. With your smart home security, you get a hand. And who can't use a hand these days?

As a parent saving time and money is so important. These types of  services will help with your energy bill, avoid losing key or changing locks, and getting places on time. With today's security technology that's just the tip of the iceberg.

When you don't have to worry about leaving a door unlocked or setting your alarm you will save valuable time. All of this while worrying less. Home automation is meant to make your life easier. By taking small tasks off your plate you can ensure a safer and better life


These are just some of the reasons parents love the additional smart home services with their security systems. What's even better is the ability to expand your system. Technology changes and so will your needs. Unlike other alarm systems, with All About Security, you don't have to worry about having an obsolete security system in a couple of years. Talk to your professional security advisor to find the right system for you.

As always, if you have questions we are only a phone call away at 317.559.3500. Chime in on our Facebook page, contact us, or leave a comment and we will get back with you. Home security systems in Indianapolis and the surrounding area don't need to be expensive or difficult. You can have a good experience when dealing with the right security company. Want to know more about a product or service> Let us know and we will feature in our Security System News blog! Oh, don't forget to share this article with a parent, it may help them more than you know!

Until Next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!


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