False Alarm: Why Your Home security Doesn’t Work

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A Valentines Day Alarm Monitoring Special

It’s almost Valentines Day, you know what that means? No, not crying endlessly waiting for “the one”. No, not getting gifts, flowers, and chocolates to celebrate. Although, one or both may happen. What it really means for home security is a very busy day for alarm monitoring companies. That’s right, Valentines Day is one of the busiest days for security companies in Indianapolis, and everywhere else in the United States.


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Security Cameras vs Video Surveillance – What’s the Difference?

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Part 2

In our previous post we started talking about different types of video cameras. We touched on the different systems but mainly discussed video surveillance. We spoke about the features video had and how traditional video cameras work.  If you missed the last article you can read that by checking out our blog but, if you missed it, you can read them in any order you like without being lost.

In this article we will be discussing security cameras and how these types of video cameras are a different option than a traditional video system.

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Video Surveillance Camera vs Security Cameras

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Part 1

Video Surveillance, Security Camera, or Video Security….Aren’t They All the Same?

When it comes to security systems and technology one thing’s for sure.  People love video cameras. Video has changed a lot in the last few years, and continues to evolve becoming more affordable and more accessible to everyone.  Technology has made it easy to view live video from your smartphone. With the wave of technology there has been a ton of confusion. What was once an expensive surveillance system can now be an affordable security camera, an HD  Analog camera with a DVR, or IP cameras that are becoming more advanced and easier to use daily. These are all different types of cameras, and they all have their place, but all video cameras aren’t the same.

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5 Things Security Companies Dont Want Know

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Who is Really Your Home Security Company? 

When it comes to choosing a home security system in Indianapolis there are a lot of companies you can choose from.  What’s important is the technology you decide to use, the security equipment that protects your home, and most importantly, the security company that you decide to use as your provider.  These are the top 5 questions and topics you need to know about to make sure your getting what you expect.  Since this article was just updated we have a sixth one as a bonus!

Often times, people are in the market for a security system because of an unpleasant event like a break in. Other times they have just purchased a home or had a child. In most cases, it’s an emotional time. When emotions are involved we often don’t ask the right questions or make the smartest decision. Unfortunately there are many security providers in Indianapolis, and the rest of the country, that will take advantage of the situation. The security industry doesn’t have the best reputation because of unethical practices from certain individuals and companies. That’s why at All About security we want to make sure you know the facts about your security system and the home security company that you decide to have protect what matters most


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Different Types Of Smoke Detectors In Homes

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This last week we were inspected a home that had a monitored alarm and decided to join the All About Security family.  When we did our security audit we wanted to make sure that everything was up to date. This particular home had monitored fire protection that was attached to the hardwired smoke detectors. We realized that these sensors weren’t protecting the family the proper way from fire.

Life safety sensors should be replaced every 10 years anyway. These smoke sensors were over 15 years old and hadn’t been updated. It doesn’t matter if you have a monitored alarm or not, having the right type of detection for fire and smoke is important for every household. After doing some research we wanted to make sure that we passed this important home security information along to our community.
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Top 3 Security Systems Used For Home Security

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Different Types of Home Security Systems

This year will be huge for technology in homes. The Internet of Things (IOT) is here!  With today’s technology it has never been easier to protect your home and family. The smart homes of yesterday  have become today’s home security systems. What was once unobtainable for most has become more affordable and easier to use then ever.  With all of the options available, your home alarm system can be the foundation for your affordable smart home security. But with all of the different alarm systems available and security companies claiming their security is the best how do you know what’s the best fit for your home and family?

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What Is An Image Sensor And Can It Help Your Home Security ?

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Smart Security with a New Type of Motion Detector

Technology has made meager improvements to the traditional security system. Today, security systems have transitioned to smart home security and your home security system is meant to be the foundation for your  smart home.  Their are many new pieces of security equipment for your monitored alarm, but there is one piece of equipment that has changed the way your home alarm  benefits your home and family. The image sensor is the next generation of the traditional motion sensor. The new upgraded motion detector is designed exclusively for your wireless  smart home security systems. This small, streamlined, enhanced motion detector  has a camera right on-board to let you see what is happening in your home. All About Security is focused on making your smart home security affordable and accesible to you and our community.

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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Home Without Home Security

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Home Security Starts Before a Security System

Want to prevent a burglary? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Sure, a security system is a great tool to protect your home and family but there are other things you should do before getting an alarm system for your home to be safe. You may be surprised that there are many break ins that aren’t forced entries. Tools for home security are only good if they are used and the best thing you can do to avoid being a statistic is making sure you use your locks. Don’t want someone to walk in and take what you work for? Here are some facts and security tips to help  protect your home and stay one step ahead of the bad guys. So,  make sure you….

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The Benefits of Wireless Home Security in Indianapolis

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Home security has had many advancements in the last 5 years.  There are so many additional benefits of wireless security systems that weren’t available before.  Not only has protection from intrusion become more effective but home automation is more affordable than ever. For the first time, interactive security with home automation is available to the masses.  So when shopping for a home security system there are needs that can be combined with wants which can make your smart home security work better than ever. At the same time, you don’t want to buy security equipment and services that you won’t use. That’s why you want to make well educated purchases with a consultant that has your best interest in mind.

With the all the different technologies out there, it’s hard for people to know what is what, it’s even harder to shop comparable products and make sure your gettng the best value. There are so many option when it comes to residential security and interactive services. What separates them all? What is the best fit for you? What do you need to know? These are just a few questions that come in mind when seeing all the advertisements on TV and the Web. With all of the different promotions available we wan’t to make sure that the security system you are considering is the right solution to protect your home and family.

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Top 10 Home Security And Safety Tip For Pets

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Pets and Their Home Security

We love our pets and they love us! I know there are some people out there who have their pets as their home security but it seems most of us consider our pets as part of the family.  And why wouldn’t we? They teach us lessons daily. They are always happy to see us and they show us unconditional love. Even though we don’t cionsider our furry babies as security they can often be our 1st warning for any emergency situation. Regardless of their size just their bark is a great burglar deterrent.  In the past, pet owners often didn’t get a security system because of issues related with false alarms caused by pets but that has changed quite a bit over the last 5 years. Now there are homeowners who get home security to make sure their pets are safe when left home alone.

Making sure man, or woman’s, best friend is safe and healthy is important to most pet owners.  At All about Security, we always inform our community that home security starts before a home security system and there are many things you can do to protect your home and family that can be used with, or without, a security system. Here is a top 10 list of home security tips for the one that always puts your needs first, your pet!

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