DIY Security Systems or Self Monitored Alarms:What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to home security systems there are a lot of options. At All About Security we believe that there’s a custom solution that fits different people and different lifestyles. Cookie cutters systems may work to an extent but is it the best solution for your needs? Probably not! That’s why it’s important to know what’s available and the find the right system for your situation.

One option that has gained a lot of momentum is the DIY market. But there are different extents of DIY. There are DIY home security systems and self-monitored systems. These are two different ways you can set up your home. Depending on the level of protection you are looking for a professionally installed system may not be what you need.  These systems can go from strictly smart home services to straightforward security. Even a combination. In future articles we will go more in depth on the different levels of each service but today we will look at the major difference in these 2 different home security set ups and see if one may be a better fit than the other for your home.

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Top 9 Home Security Facts That You Want to Know

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Having the right information can help keep you one step ahead of the bad guys. Home security facts can help you be better prepared and avoid your home from being a statistic. Today’s article will give you a brief look at the information that most burglars already know.

There are some different aspects to look at when you’re protecting your home. Obviously, there are the facts about how a criminal breaks into a home but there are other statistics that are just as important. These include what a burglar looks for before attempting a break-in, what the top items they steal, and the information they gather.

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Why You’ll Love Your Smart Home Services

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Spring is here! It doesn’t feel like it most days in Indianapolis but it’s official. It’s time to start those home improvement projects as well as the annual Spring cleaning we love! Can you hear my sarcasm? Even though it’s not something we always enjoy, there’s something to be said about fixing up your place. A lot of the tasks can be rewarding. Some of them just have to be done.

One project that can be easy to do and have some real benefits is adding some connected home devices to your home. According to a survey from Coldwell Banker, 45% of Americans will have smart home technology in their homes by the end of 2016. With good reason too! Smart home services and home automation have never been more affordable. They can also save you time, money, and your sanity! These are added benefits that traditional security systems just can’t do!

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How Much Do Home Security Systems in Indianapolis Cost?

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Home security systems today are very different than the security systems we grew up with. With all the different security equipment and residential services available how do you know you’re getting a good deal? Don’t worry, today we will look at what home security systems in Indianapolis should cost as well as what to expect when choosing a security system.

There are plenty of ads online, onTV, and in your mail. They all will have some type of promotion available that looks like a great deal. I mean, they say free equipment, free installation, and have some type of low monthly price associated with the monitoring.
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Wireless Alarm Systems: What’s the Best Home Security System?

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With the all the different technologies and security systems that are available today, it’s hard for people to know what is the best solution for their security system needs. There are so many options when it comes to home security and interactive services that it can be an overwhelming decision. Especially when there are so many security companies that all claim to have the best security equipment and service.

So what separates them all? What is the best security system for you? What information do you need to make the right decision when choosing a security system? All valid questions. With all the advertisements on TV and the Internet, it’s easy to be a victim of great marketing. My goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen. In today’s article, we will tackle these questions and give you an unbiased point of view to attempt to find the best security system for you.

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How to Customize Smart Home Security Systems for Apartments and Condos

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In our last article we talked about options for security systems if you are renting. We covered the main options that were available as well as what to look for in a security company.  Lastly, we covered one of the non-traditional options available and how video alarms worked.

Today, we will look at some wireless home security systems and how to customize them so they are better suited for tenants and landlords alike.  


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Security Systems: Renters Home Security Guide and Options

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Security Systems for Renters

As our crime rate increases and Indianapolis struggles with the continuing theft, assault, and a murder rate that is reaching a record high, home security has become a need rather than a want.  Security systems aren’t just for homeowners.  In fact, apartments, statistically, have more break ins than traditional houses.

Since this is such a big topic we will have additional posts to go over different options. In this article, we will go over some of the basic ways to protect your apartment, or home, as well as one of the options of a non-traditional alarm system. Don’t worry, in the next article we will go over additional options to help guide our community and all Indiana residents. 

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Personal Protection Security:Technology That Goes Beyond Home Security

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At All About Security we are constantly testing, reviewing, and  trying new security services. One of our goals is to learn how we can use technology to make our community a safer and better place while making it more affordable for our communities. We are a different type of security company. It’s not all about alarms, and it’s not all about profits. It’s all about people, and it’s all about your security.  

With that being said,  we are excited about our newest service. Why does your protection have to stop when you leave home? Sure a home security system is great for protecting your home and family. It even has some great smart home features that can add convenience to your life. All great benefits of a smart home security system. But how can we help you and your family when you’re at work? Or when the kids are coming home from school? How about when you leave work in the evening and have to walk through the dark garage?

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Home Security: Why Traditional Alarm Systems Are a Waste of Money

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Alarm systems have been around forever!  New technology has made it possible to protect your home and do so much more. In the last several years, new types of security, smart home services, and smart phone capabilities have become more affordable than ever! These services are easier to use than the old push button keypads too.

It amazes me that so many people have had the same home security system for decades without an update.  Even though they may still work, I’m sure many people don’t know that they can access almost anything in their home with a press of a button. Technology has changed. Old school alarm systems are a thing of the past. There’s no reason to get the same push button keypad with the same old technology that will just need to be updated again and again.  

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Security Cameras vs Surveillance: Video Alarms as Home Security

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Part 3 of our Trilogy

Video Cameras as Standalone Home Security?

In part 1 and part 2 of our surveillance vs security camera battle we took a look at different solutions with different types of camera systems.  In this article we will  take a look at something diffeent. Many would say these next cameras are the only type that should be considered real security cameras. This new type of security comes from technology that has made video security available for homeowners and small businesses for the first time.  In fact, it wasn’t available just a few years back. Video alarms! What are they really about? Are they the right  type of solution as your family’s home security system?


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