How A Video Doorbell Can Help Your Home Security

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 Customizing your security system is one of the biggest benefits of smart home security. There are so many ways to make your system work for your lifestyle. One way to take advantage of this is with a doorbell.

One of the newest pieces of equipment is the smart doorbell. There are a couple types of doorbells that can be used with home security systems. Each has its benefits. Today we will look at the video doorbell since it has some amazing functions.


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Why Your Home Security System May Not Work

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Have you had your home security system for a long time? If so, you may be surprised that your paying a monthly payment to an alarm monitorng company that may not be able to get you the help you need when there is an emergency. This could be because of the type of communication that your system has been using.

If you’ve had your security system for more than a decade, you probably use a traditional phone line for the connection. If you used cellular technology that hasn’t been upgraded, you may also have an issue in the near future. This is because of the advancements in phone and cellular technology.

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Overview of the IQ Panel: Compare Smart Home Security Systems

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When your looking at upgrading your old alarm system, you want to take a look at the different types of systems available for today’s smart home security. Even after you decide on the type of service and home security company you want to go with, you still have the option of which panel to put in your home.

Most security companies have some options. Many use the Good, Better, Best model, while other organizations offer custom security systems.  When deciding on your home security, it’s important to know what the differences are in each option. That way, you will pick the right panel for your home and family. That’s how you pick the best security system!

Today we will go over our most popular touchscreen alarm panel. The IQ Panel/DSC Touch.  These are both the same as far as functionality but they run on different frequencies.  The only time it will really matter which you decide on is if it is an upgrade of an existing system with wireless sensors that you may be able to still use.
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3 Ways Door Sensors Make Your Home Security Smarter

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One thing most security systems have in common is a door sensor. They are used in most homes, with an alarm, to protect doors and windows. They are included with basic home alarms to the most complex security systems available.

The basics of how alarms work start with the contacts on your doors. If someone opens the door when the system is armed the alarm is triggered and your alarm monitoring company will try and verify the emergency to dispatch local authorities.

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Why Home Security Systems Without Verification Don’t Work

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allaboutyoursecurity-fire_3.jpgI’m always a little surprised when I speak to security system veterans that have no idea what verification means and how important it is when it comes to safety. Don’t they know that they are sacrificing their safety without it? How about the possibility of added fees or legislation making it harder to have real security?

A lot of it isn’t their fault. It’s our fault as an industry. Verification is one of the most important aspects of electronic security. False alarms are one of the biggest problems in the industry. And police response? That depends on where you live. Some places are faster than others. In either case, a verified alarm is more likely to get you a response when you need it and that’s how you make sure your home security is really going to work when you need it!

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Top 3 Financial Benefits of Security Systems

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A very important but often overlooked benefit of a security system is that it can help in more ways than just peace of mind. Even though peace of mind is the biggest advantage of having home security. There are some financial benefits to help reduce your alarm monitoring cost as well.

Traditional alarm systems can offer substantial savings on your insurance premiums and tax liability. In fact, it’s not unusual for savings in these areas to largely offset the cost of security system installation and monitoring.

When you take advantage of today’s smart security systems you can also see another financial benefit. When you add these things together, you have a sizable amount of invisible costs that become savings.

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Smart Home Security System Family

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So you want to know how smart home technology can benefit your life? Even though everyone is different, a typical day in the life of a family with a connected and protected home will have some similarities. You’ll find out how you can save time, worry less, save on your energy bill, and see how home security, with the added benefit of home automation, can take some of your daily tasks off of your plate.

From waking up, to getting ready for bed, a first-hand look at getting the most out of a wireless security system, that has smart services included in its design. After this article, you should have a clear understanding of how you can use your home security system for more than protecting your home from intruders.


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How Do Smart Home Security Systems Work?

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It’s definitely exciting to see how security systems have changed in the last few years. Alarms have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, for the last 100 years, security systems hadn’t changed much. Don’t get me wrong, home automation has been around for quite a while. But it used to be so expensive that only the rich could afford these kinds of smart home services.

In the last couple of years, that has changed. Now, for a couple of hundred dollars and a small monthly fee everyone can have smart home security. The smart shopper can find an easy solution with one platform to keep their house protected and connected at the same time. There are alternatives to company’s like Vivint, or ADT, with lower prices and better customer service.

Even though it’s all very exciting how do smart home security systems work? What makes it different from a traditional alarm system? That’s what we dive into today. In a simple way to show you how it can benefit your daily life.

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How Affordable Smart Home Technology Helps Parents

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Most people think home security systems are strictly used to protect your home and family. That is definitely one benefit of having an alarm system but it’s not the only benefit of having smart home security.

The times have changed. Most families don’t have the luxury of having a parent stay at home to raise their children. And even if you have the toughest job in the world, being a parent, it’s not possible to watch your kids 24 hours a day.
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How to Design the Right Home Security System

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Even though most security companies offer a package for your home an educated person will always customize their home security for their needs. Depending on your situation you may decide to install your own system. Or you may have a professional installation. Either way, by knowing what’s important you can make sure your system is designed specifically for your home.

There are different types of equipment for different areas of your home. This article will guide you through the most important aspect of a home security system, the design. It doesn’t matter how great your alarm monitoring or security equipment is if it isn’t designed to protect your home and family.

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