New Security Technology Saves Time and Money

New Security Technology Saves Time and Money

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In today’s economy most businesses have been forced to look under every rock to find savings. This can be an eye opening exercise when they come to realize how much they are paying for security.

At All About Security, we’ve been helping companies that were making pivotal mistakes when it came to their security. These yearly increases were ballooning their burglar, fire, access, and CCTV costs. Once they realized that they were over-paying, they became extremely frustrated. Many soon came to realize that their existing equipment was woefully outdated, and even caused multiple false alarms.


New security technology can minimize problems with false alarms.

In some cases, upper management was unaware that their plant manager was receiving several calls a week in the middle of the night because of faulty equipment trouble signals, or worse, false alarms. These are huge inconveniences and major oversights when it comes to a successful security system.

If your existing facilities’ security, fire, access and CCTV systems have been in place for 10, 20, or even 30 years, you’d be shocked to see how new security technology can streamline your operations, give you control over all of the systems, stop false alarms, and drastically lower your monthly costs. The return on investment can be as little as eight to eighteen months.

Because of this new technology, plant managers are stress free because they are no longer getting calls in the middle of the night. CEO’s and CFO’s are happy with their cost savings, and the local police and fire departments are thankful that they don’t have to respond on a weekly basis. Nothing is worse than the boy who cried wolf.

How to Upgrade Your Security System

Your first step is to find out what your contractual obligation is to the current security provider. Most contracts have a yearly renewal clause that requires you to notify them in writing anywhere from 30 to 90 days before renewal. Even if you are locked into a contract, any time is a good time to start your planning. Make sure you get a copy of the current contract. You would be surprised how many times the current provider can’t find it.


New security technology can streamline operations, give you control over all of the systems, stop false alarms, and drastically lower your monthly costs.


Secondly, you want to ascertain if you own or are leasing the equipment. Owning the equipment makes things slightly easier than leasing. When leasing, the current company will require that you hand over the equipment to them at the end of the lease. The best way to handle this is to have the new company replace the system, and box up the old equipment for you to return. I would suggest you do not allow the previous company access to the facility, as you don’t want the existing wiring damaged or removed.

The Many Benefits of New Security Technology

So what is this new technology, and why should it interest you? First, you will find that the newer fire alarm equipment is much smarter, and will notify you of any trouble before it causes a false alarm. The new analog fire alarm systems check their own sensitivity, so you can clean or replace a device before it causes a false alarm.

Smartphone Security Control

Advanced security systems can be controlled and monitored through a computer or mobile device.

Security systems now allow you to control them with a smartphone or computer, and notify you of any activity on the account. You get real time alerts when the system has been armed or disarmed, and when supervisory points have been activated. Not only can you be notified when the system has been armed/disarmed via text and or email, but it will identify the employee as well.

Camera systems allow you to view and/or search recorded data right from your cell phone and computer, and access systems will allow you to add, change, or delete a card user in order to keep security tight.

Each day, new technologies arrive in order to make our lives easier. With these new advances, there is no reason to be stuck in the 80’s with outdated and faulty security equipment that you are paying too much for, while receiving unsatisfactory service at the same time. Now is the time to start fresh, and bring your security needs into the 21st century.

Contact us us for a free, no-obligation security audit of your facilities or to start benefiting from the many advantages of new security technology. We’re here to help!


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