Overview of the IQ Panel: Compare Smart Home Security Systems

Overview of the IQ Panel: Compare Smart Home Security Systems

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When your looking at upgrading your old alarm system, you want to take a look at the different types of systems available for today’s smart home security. Even after you decide on the type of service and home security company you want to go with, you still have the option of which panel to put in your home.

Most security companies have some options. Many use the Good, Better, Best model, while other organizations offer custom security systems.  When deciding on your home security, it’s important to know what the differences are in each option. That way, you will pick the right panel for your home and family. That’s how you pick the best security system!

Today we will go over our most popular touchscreen alarm panel. The IQ Panel/DSC Touch.  These are both the same as far as functionality but they run on different frequencies.  The only time it will really matter which you decide on is if it is an upgrade of an existing system with wireless sensors that you may be able to still use.

The IQ panel is one of the most attractive and smartest home security systems available. It has brains and beauty. This panel has a 7 1/2 inch display that is in full color. It is considered an all in one system because it has everything built inside. That includes Z-wave radio and the cellular module. Since cell service is different everywhere, before your installation your security dealer should have used your address to find the best carrier with the strongest signal. Most home security systems in Indianapolis have done very well with Verizon towers and with the ability to use other providers it makes getting a signal for cellular service available virtually anywhere,. Especially in areas where ATT cell towers may have a weaker signal. 

Qolsys is the name of the manufacturer. Even though they have only been around for a few years, Tyco has a large investment in their future. The name represents their system. Qol stands for quality of life, and the sys? Well, that’s not as catchy but system. Quality of life system….pretty cool right? Whether it safety or convenience, we aim to make lives better with all of our services.

This system is also available with it’s DSC counterpart, the DSC Touch. Tyco is a key investor in this leader in smart security technology so one benefit is it’s ability to be used for upgrading wireless security systems everywhere.  Since one communicates with the same frequency as GE and the other with DSC, all the wireless door and window contacts that work can be used without any additional equipment.

Most alarm systems today offer home automation services but some work better than others. The video below shows you how this system is used for more than security.

Take a look at what having the smartest, and safest, home on the block looks like


What makes the IQ Panel different than other systems?

  • Patented Dual Path Technology – While most wireless systems use cellular communication because of it’s important security features, and others use the Internet, or wifi, for it’s speed in smart home devices, none have use both at the same time. Some will use one as a back up. This system will not only use one as back up, but will use both at the same time! That means, if cellular towers are busy but there is a clear path through the internet your signal is sent to the central station asap! When it comes to security, cellular is always the safest technology but when it comes to home automation and interactive services, the speed and convenience of an internet connect is always best.
  • Built in Camera – While many people have video cameras with their alarm systems, not many have a camera built inside their keypad. This is especially handy when you want to know who disarmed your system. If you have kids, this can be a huge benefit. If the alarm is triggered, a stream of pictures are taken for additional visual verification. With the next update, these pictures can be sent to your smartphone as well. (Available as of 6/21/2016)
  • Android Platform – Technology can be a pain. It’s hard enough to learn one platform and some platforms can be difficult to learn. Since the IQ Panel use Android software, it will be very familiar to anyone with a smartphone. Apps are literally downloaded to your panel. Smart security is simple enough to be used by every one and every day. Which is a great introduction to the next benefit.
  • App Integration –  Since they are powered by alarm.com, you will be happy to have a familiar look. The app and touchscreen use the same structure and colors. This makes it easier to use your smartphone and take advantage of all the interactive services you have at the touch of your finger tips. Geophencing rules so you can make sure you remembered to arm your system when you left. Add all the services you want, one at a time, or all at once. You have one app to control everything,
  • Remote Firmware Updates – Aren’t you tired of buying something that is outdated within the next month? Having “Future Proof” security means that you won’t have to worry about missing the next set of features. While the IQ Panel isn’t the only security panel that has this feature,  the updates can be done over the air with an internet connection. 
  • Interactive Services – The IQ Panel  gives you the ability to have access to everything in your home when you aren’t there through your mobile device. Not only do you have the ability to arm and disarm your alarm but you will be able to add additional features, like your thermostat and door locks as well.
  • Help Videos – Having a guide that will answer your questions right on the panel is one of the best features included with this smart system. Most of the questions you’ll have are available on a short video. Surprisingly, this isn’t available with other systems currently on the market.

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Many people think all wireless security systems are the same. That isn't true in today's technology filled world. Most security equipment will have the basic functions of an alarm. With the popularity of smartphones, we have gotten used to staying connected to everything. Twenty years ago no one would of guessed this small device would replace so many things. Now, you can make sure your system is accessible from anywhere too.  The IQ Panel is one smart home security system that stands out from others.


When it comes to alarm systems with smart services, the Qolsys IQ Panel is the foundation of your smart home. Compare it to our other wireless systems and see which one is best for your home. If you want to know more about the IQ panel, or any of the other systems on the market, you can call us at 317.559.3500. We are always happy to answer your questions and help in any way we can.  Stay tuned for other reviews and information from The All About Security Blog


Until next time....stay safe and informed Indianapolis!



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