How Do Smart Home Security Systems Work?

How Do Smart Home Security Systems Work?

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It’s definitely exciting to see how security systems have changed in the last few years. Alarms have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, for the last 100 years, security systems hadn’t changed much. Don’t get me wrong, home automation has been around for quite a while. But it used to be so expensive that only the rich could afford these kinds of smart home services.

In the last couple of years, that has changed. Now, for a couple of hundred dollars and a small monthly fee everyone can have smart home security. The smart shopper can find an easy solution with one platform to keep their house protected and connected at the same time. There are alternatives to company’s like Vivint, or ADT, with lower prices and better customer service.

Even though it’s all very exciting how do smart home security systems work? What makes it different from a traditional alarm system? That’s what we dive into today. In a simple way to show you how it can benefit your daily life.

What Makes A System Smart?


While traditional alarm systems are meant to protect your home and family, smart home systems take this a step further. In it’s simplest form, what makes a device a smart is its ability to communicate with other devices to make sure they are working together. Really, these services need to be easy to use. By making things simple, convenient, and affordable these services are available for the masses.

Home automation that is set up with your system works with some basic rules. These rules work through something called “If This Then That”. The possibilities are endless. This can be for life safety, security, or has a helping hand with daily tasks.

Smart security systems can help save time by not having to think about your doors being locked or security being armed. They can save lives by turning off the fan and vents through a smart thermostat in the case of a fire. These smart services can even save you money by turning off the thermostat when no one is home or when the windows are open on a nice day.


Think of it like this. If your system is armed, then the doors should lock and the lights are turned off. If you go on vacation, have a light turn on for 15 minutes in the evening making it look like your home is occupied. You can also arm and disarm the system for a neighbor to water the plants or even give them a temporary user code so you don’t have to be bothered. Whatever you use your smart home security for you can make sure you are getting text messages or emails so you know who is in your home and how long they were there. All of this through one app on your smartphone!

It’s important to work with your security provider to have them set up a few rules with you. This is where customer service comes in. Right from the start, you should be using a couple of these rules with your system. Have them explain how location-based services work so when you leave your neighborhood your system will automatically be armed is one popular rule your technician can help set up. Or how to automatically have your doors lock once you leave home. Without setting rules for home automation, these services aren’t automated at all.


Home Automation, Smart Home Technology and Services for Home Security

Old school alarm systems are a thing of the past. Today security is often just an added benefit for home automation platforms. In fact, there is a new category that is gaining popularity in the technology industry. IOT, the Internet of Things has brought different products and services into homes everywhere. Many people use this technology and may not even know it.

From your smartphone and the new Apple watch to wearable devices and Smart Home technology, we love the convenience of having access to everything at the push of a button. When it comes to affordable smart home security systems, there is a new buzzword in the industry.

IOH, the Internet of Homes, is a spin-off of smart security. Some people don’t want an alarm. However, a secure smart home is a different story. As long as it’s simple to use and affordable, why wouldn’t you want the added benefit of keeping your home and family safe?

When it comes to home automation and smart home services make sure you know if you will need the internet. One difference between some providers is that some will use the Internet while others will use cell technology, and there are security systems that will use both.. If cellular communication is used, make sure your provider checks the strength and uses the best provider for your address. Some security companies will only have access to one provider while others will run a signal test to find the best service in your area.

This is how your system will communicate with you, your alarm monitoring station, and other devices. With a weak signal, you are sacrificing your convenience, more importantly, your protection. Having the ability to use an internet signal for non-emergency devices like your garage sensor, and a cell signal for your security is the best way to have the fastest service.

Building Your Smart Security System

There are so many additional features available to add on it’s important to find the right equipment for your home and family. Technology continues to grow with more options available every day. With the right help, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

One recommendation is to start with a few smart home security services to make sure they will benefit your lifestyle. The key is to add services that you will use every day. Once you understand how those features work, you can expand your system.

There are some security dealers that may pressure you into buying everything at once. If that’s the type of company you’re dealing with, then walk away. There are other local security companies who want long term clients. By offering the ability to add on at a later date these organizations are looking for your best interest. If you have read our previous article you know how strongly we feel about the ability to start with a few things and expand later down the road when you’re happy with the original services.


Find out if a smart home security system is right for you!



When looking for a security company that offers these type of smart home services you want to have the proper training so you can take advantage of all the things your alarm system has the ability to do. Too often, an elaborate smart home security system is installed without key features ever being used. Make sure you're going to use all the functions that are important to you by speaking with your security consultant. Don't be afraid to request a follow-up appointment after the installation for a refresher.

There are still local alarm provider's that will let you add on without a huge price increase. By making new services affordable it not only help you but the security company too.

If you have a smartphone, and most people do, make sure that the app is downloaded on your phone and you are comfortable using your system. Also have your technician set up at least one rule that will come in handy. Rules like setting a goodnight scene where your system automatically armed in stay mode and your thermostat is set at a comfortable sleeping temperature. Or have a geofencing feature set up so your system works even when you forget about to arm your security panel when you leave home. That's where your security system can sense you've left. your home This is done through your phone's app and location enabled services you already use every day.

Smart home security systems have many advantages
. The best advantage is the ability to use your system daily for positive tasks. By added smart home technology to your security, you get to have more than just protection. Ultimately, these types of security systems increase your peace of mind while providing a lot more value than a traditional alarm system.


Now that you know the basics on how smart home security systems work you can see what features will truly benefit your lifestyle. Take advantage of the features you are paying for. At All about Security, we strive to help our clients and community with real information that helps them solve daily issues with smart technology. You can always call us at 317.559.3500 and we will answer your questions and help guide you down the right path.

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