How Alarm Systems Work

How Alarm Systems Work

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How Alarm Systems Work. The Basics of Security System Protection.

Did you know that security systems are over100 years old? Crazy, right? Now they didn’t have touch screens and smart phones back then but home security was still a concern back then. This article will explain the basics of alarm systems and how they work.

How alarm systems work haven’t changed as drastically as you may think. Alarm monitoring is a different story. Technology has made plenty of changes to security systems but how alarm systems work follow many of the original principles that started many years ago.

As your local security company, we want to inform and educate our community. Security systems have many different aspects to them. whether its the foundation of your smart home or video surveillance, the most important factor is your safety.

Even though they have been around for a long time and have had many advancements, the basics are still very much the same. Today’s technology has made it more affordable and more effective to keep your family, belongings, and your property safer than ever. If you are new to the world of security, and alarm systems, this will give you the basics of of protecting your property and the way security systems work in general.

The ABC’s of Alarm Systems

The principles of alarm systems haven’t changed as much as you might think. Even though one of the earliest security systems was patented by Alexander Pope of Boston  and invented over 150 years ago. Bet you learned something new today. Home security has been a concern and part of our culture for a long time.  Even though his security equipment was very different than today’s security systems the function was very similar to the basics of modern alarm systems. The first security system consisted of magnetic contacts that were connected to a parallel circuit. Once a door was open it would ring a bell.

Today the same concept is used for door and window sensors. Whether the alarm is wired or wireless, the magnetic contact is used  to detect the opening of a door or window.  With the earlier security equipment, a wire could be simply cut to disrupt the alarm but today versions aren’t that easy to get around. Depending on the quality of the sensor, this simple theory is quite difficult for the average burglar to manipulate.  Today, alarm monitoring is just as important as the type of equipment your home security system is equipped with. 

Door and window sensors are great for perimeter detection (exterior doors and windows).  Simply put, if someone opens a door and enters the property the alarm will go off to alert people that someone has enters the property. But what if someone breaks a window and enters the home without opening a window?


That’s when interior protection comes into play.  Even if you have every door and window protected with the best sensors  available someone can still get in without opening a door or window.  The most common, and cost effective, way to make sure they are detected is by using a motion detector.  There are different types of motion detectors used in the security industry. Today, the infrared motion detector is most commonly used forhome security and uses body heat and mass making it less likely for a false alarm. Notion detectors help protect the interior of a property in an alarm system with the ability to detect any motion.  Just like the name suggests, when their is movement (motion is detected), the alarm is triggered.  When motion detectors where first invented they had a problem of causing a high degree of false alarms so they have evolved with different features to help reduce that risk. 


That’s because a motion detector couldn’t tell your security system if it was a fly or a burglar causing the movement.  Today, most infrared motions detectors use heat and movement to do a much better job of protecting your property and reducing false alarms. Most are even set for a pet friendly mode so your pets can still be on the property while your away.  However, if the pets is on the larger side, or if you have a cat that like to jump around, this can still cause a high degree of false alarms. That’s why their are other pieces of equipment that can be used instead of a motion detector. A security consultant should walk you through the different types of security equipment to customize your home security system.

The second most common piece of security equipment is a glassbreak sensor, this device works using an audible sensor.  How your alarm system works with a glassbreak sensor is quite different than a motion detector.  When glass is broken the sound causes the alarm system to be triggered.  This is a big advantage for people who have pets that wonder the premises when they aren’t there , or as an added layer of protection when people are in the property.  Even though alarm equipment, like a galssbreak sensor, may be the better solution it doesn’t mean that there wont be any false alarms.  Loud noises,  a barking dog, or dropping a dish can still set your security system off.  It’s important  to know the limitations of your security system and the equipment that is used to make sure that false alarms are reduced and real emergencies trigger the alarm to get help when it’s really needed.

Security Systems Today



With all the advancements in the security industry,  alarms still use the basic principles of functions that were once used over 150 years ago.  However, there are many other items that can  be used with your security system to make sure that you alarm works the right way when your there and when your away.

There are new items that are available today that are both effective and affordable. Today, home security systems are the foundation for a smart home making home automation more accessible than ever before. People are using their Smart Home Security to keep track of their loved ones, save money on their utilities, and many other convenience added benefits. Today’s wireless security systems isn’t like your grandparents home security, that’s for sure. Alarm systems are still designed to protect your home and family but they have evolved to make people’s lives safer and better. To learn more about alarms sign up for our security information blog for more informative articles about security systems and how they work.


Whether you have home security or not, you can safeguard your home and family by taking the steps in our ultimate free security guide.  Download your copy below. This free resource has easy and inexpensive tips that you can apply to your home. Home security starts before your security system.

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Now that you know the basics of how alarm systems work you can learn about the other aspect of home security, alarm monitoring! No matter what type of equipment you have your security should be more than a noise maker to keep your home and family protected. Having the right equipment is just half of the equation. All security companies may look like they offer the same services but they can be very different. Today there are options that were never available before and home alarm systems are becoming the foundation of tomorrow's smart homes. Call 317.559.3500 for more information!


Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!





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