How A Home Security System Can Protect Your Children

How A Home Security System Can Protect Your Children

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Security systems protect your home, but how a security system can protect your children is more important than any possession. Protecting children is the best reason for home security, and may be the main reason, for a new alarm system. Many people think that security systems are meant to simply keep burglars from breaking into homes and businesses when people aren’t there. That’s true. But perhaps more importantly, a well-designed system will help protect what matters most when they are at home or work as well. One of the best examples of this kind of home security is with kids who are sometimes left home alone—so-called “latchkey kids.”


Home Security Systems and Peace of Mind

Knowing the kids are home and safe not only helps them but can be a priceless benefit to you as well. Imagine for a moment that your son or daughter has just arrived home from school before you get home from work.  They forget to call you and your left at work worrying about your child’s safety. I know one huge benefit of having a home security system, for us, is knowing the people I love most are at safe at home. Having a family changes the perspective of why you get security in the first place.

When they forget to call, your mind starts to build scenarios in your head thinking the worst may of happened.  Having home protection with the ability of customization, I know that if something happened, my family has the ability to protect themselves. If suddenly, a stranger leaps from his hiding place in the bushes and orders your child to disarm the security system. This is where the “duress code” feature of a professionally designed and monitored security system would come into play. I know they have their phone and/or keys with them when entering the home. Having the peace of mind to know that my security system was built for protecting our children.  The text message sent to my smart phone confirm the kids got home and are safe. Even if they forget to call, I know the security system w ont ever forget to send my text message.  Make sure your asking your provider about these features and make sure you use them.

Depending on your children’s age your home alarm can be used in different ways. If you have toddlers that get into everything a sensor on a drawer or cabinet may be the heads up needed to prevent a possible emergency. If your kids are teenagers then having a liquor cabinet opened may be something that you want to know about. There are many nonemergency events that your home alarm system can make you aware of without notifying the police. Sometimes protecting your children from themselves is as important as protecting them from others.

Fast Response is Critical

If a bad situation does happen, it’s important that you have the fastest response possible.  In this situation, rather than using the real code to your security system, your child would instead input a “duress code.” This would make it appear that the security system has been disarmed, when in fact it sent a silent emergency signal to the central monitoring station. The central station dispatcher, seeing this incoming signal, then immediately dispatches police emergency response.

Armed with the information that this is a silent panic from a residence, the responding authorities will react very quickly and with the knowledge of what they are potentially up against. This kind of rapid and appropriate response will help ensure the safety of your child.  When you do use the duress code there is no calling it off.  The authorities have to make sure you are safe because this isn’t a regular home alarm.  This is made for home invasions and true emergencies and it is important the educate children about using their home security system isn’t a game and is taken quite serious.  The “boy who cried wolf” can very true in Indianapolis and most cities.  With so many emergencies police have to prioritize and child in danger is pretty high up in most people’s priorities.

More Child Safety Benefits

Other applications for child safety are things like the image sensor where a picture is sent to your phone or the  “check-in” feature, which would tell you (often with a text message to your cell phone, like me), that you child has entered your home safely. A “chime” and full word speech feature can alert you to any doors, windows or gates being opened, with specifics like “front door open” are especially handy if you have small children at home.


So Much More then an Alarm

So if you think a security system is just for catching burglars, talk with us. We’ll be happy to discuss the ways today’s advanced security systems can give your family greater protection and peace-of-mind. All of our security systems are custom designed for our clients needs so your concerns are our top priority. Call us at 317.559.3500 and one of our security consultants can answer any questions you have.

If your looking for other ways to make sure your home is protected download our free guide to safeguard your home. Your security starts before your security system.

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