Fire Alarm Systems Save Lives

Fire Alarm Systems Save Lives

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Fire Facts and Fire Alarm Systems

With the holidays being in full swing and, hopefully,  getting more into the Christmas spirit it’s important to take a few steps to make sure your home security system helps make your holidays as safe as possible. Fire alarms, in fact, saves lives. With monitored fire protection you can potentially save your home as well as your family.  Tis the season so take the proper steps to avoid a potential fire by following guidelines provided with any electrical components, such as lights, and avoid placing flammable candles close to your Christmas tree. 

 According to the National Fire Protection association, Christmas trees can be the fuel to destroy your home in a house fire.  They offer some great tips to make sure you avoid an unwanted blaze. The good news is that most fires can be avoided. Even thought that may be the case,  sometimes there are fires that occur from things that are out of our control. If the unimaginable does happen a monitored fire alarm may avoid tragedies that are priceless.

Every day in the United States, 53 people are injured and 11 die in home fires. The fact is that many of these fires, injuries and deaths could have been prevented if the victims had practiced good fire safety habits and procedures. Here is a great place to start to make sure you are always prepared in an emergency.

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Smoke Detectors

Most of us have smoke detectors in our home. Having traditional smoke detectors is important as a first step. A smoke detector will make noise in the event of a fire and if you are home can get you out of the home. Often, we set them off when cooking and thankfully, most are false alarms that we can avoid.  What if you aren’t home? What if your sleeping? Or what if the batteries need replaced? A traditional smoke detector is great start to fire safety but these events a fire alarm that is connected to your home security system may be the better alternative. 

One most important things you can do to keep your family safe from fire is to install monitored smoke detectors on each level of your home and outside each sleeping area. Why? Consider this. Homes with fire alarm systems are four times less likely to experience a fire-related death. These systems are especially important since nearly half of residential fires occur between 11 pm and 6 am, the time when residents are usually asleep. And since many fire victims are overcome by the poisonous fumes created by a fire before ever waking up, the alarm of a smoke detector could very well save your life someday.

Plan an Escape Route

Panic situations are stressful to say the least. Because of the confusion that often accompanies a fire, it is important to plan at least two escape routes ahead of time with family members. Decide on a specific place outside where everybody will meet, and practice your escape plan at least twice a year. For higher floors, consider and escape ladder. Also keep in mind that many people are trapped inside their homes by the security bars on windows during a fire. If you have security bars, make sure they have a release on the inside so you and your family can escape. Now that you have a plan make sure you go over the plan with everyone who lives in the home. Making sure you practice the escape route will ensure that you and your family are prepared in the case of a fire.  It’s always better to have plan and not have to use it. The alternative is way worse.

Stop, Drop, Roll

This was a popular phrase when we were kids and it still remains true to this day. As part of your fire safety preparedness, make sure everyone in your family understands not to run if they or their clothing should catch on fire. Running will only fan the flames. Instead, stop, drop and roll on the ground to smother the fire. If caught in thick smoke, remember to crawl low to the floor, since the best air will be a few inches off the floor.There are other items, like a Smart Thermostat, that can stop the circulation of smoke. By using your smart home security in conjunction with your fire alarm you can have more than a security system and more of life safety system!


By planning ahead, you can do a lot to prevent fires and ensure the safety of your family. But if a fire does start in your home, don’t forget the idea is to escape first. Do not ever return to a burning building. There are other items, like a Smart Thermostat, that can stop the circulation of smoke.  Your home security system can  be used in conjunction with your fire alarm you can have more than a security system and more of life safety system!

For more information, contact us for a free, no-obligation fire safety consultation or download your free security guide to start safeguarding your home and family today. Your home security starts before any security system.

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