Top 5 Benefits Smart Thermostats Can Have

Top 5 Benefits Smart Thermostats Can Have

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One of the most popular smart home devices is a thermostat. They are popular as a stand alone device, and frequently added to home security systems. But all smart thermostats aren’t the same, and there are some key benefits that you’ll want from your thermostat. Let’s talk about them!

The first option is choosing between a smart thermostat and one that is connected. There’s a key difference between these two types of smart equipment. While a traditional smart thermostat is a stand-alone device, a connected one has the ability to speak with other devices in your home.  When it comes down to it, a smart home become smart by communicating with other devices and having the ability to make decisions without you having to think about it.

By having a smart home hub that controls different devices you can take advantage of adding different products that work together on one platform. One easy way to do this is by connected them to security systems.  Today’s alarm systems have the ability to be the foundation of your smart home. Many times, the protection is an added benefit that is simply included. Your smart thermostat can also help protect your home, but we will get into that a little bit later.


What Should Your Smart Thermostat Be Able To Do?


1) Know Where You Are 

One of the many advantages of smart home security is the ability to have location based services. When it comes to your thermostat, some smart thermostats have the ability to know when you are coming home, or when you’re leaving home.

By using the geo-service feature available with All About Security, and your smartphone, your thermostat will be able to make your home more comfortable when you arrive. A stand-alone product, like the Nest, may be attractive but it doesn’t have the all the functions your smart home security system will have with connected one. It won’t be able to turn the air conditioner on when you are a couple miles away to make sure the temperature is just right after a long day. It also won’t have the ability to lower the temperature when you leave. If you want to do more than set a schedule, make sure your thermostat is connected to your smart security platform.

2) Did You Leave a Door or Window Open?Smart-Thermostat-Smart-Home

While most smart thermostats will work on a schedule, or even an app, All About Security’s connected smart thermostat will work with your door and window sensors to make sure your not cooling the whole neighborhood.

By being able to speak to the other sensors, your thermostat will know if a door, or window, is left open and adjust the temperature to make sure you’re saving energy.

This is done with a simple rule that tells your control panel that something was left open for a predetermined period of time. When this happen, your air conditioner will adjust and automatically turn off. Isn’t that a great way to save energy and money? Absolutely!

3) What’s the weather like today?

Another benefit of having your smart thermostat is the ability to adjust to extreme temperatures. This is especially useful in places in like Indianapolis where it can be 80 degrees one day and 50 the next. When the there are extreme temperature swings your thermostat will automatically adjust the target temperature by a couple of degrees. This will make sure your AC and furnace aren’t working extra hard and save additional dollars on your utilities. Your smart home is starting to be even more intelligent than other comparable homes with similar systems.

4) Which room should be comfortable for your home and family?

This is a new feature that is one of my favorites. We all have rooms that are either warmer or cooler depending on the season. With a temperature sensor, you now have the ability to be comfortable no matter which rooms you’re in. By placing this sensor in additional rooms, it’s like having additional thermostats. The target temperature will now adjust to the room you are spending time in instead of the room with the actual thermostat. This is a feature that isn’t available with most thermostats but with All About Security’s thermostat you have that ability since it’s powered by


5) What if there is a life-threatening emergency

Other smart thermostats are designed to save you energy but with your smart thermostat you'll also have life-saving benefits! Firefighters will tell you that more people are injured in a fire from smoke inhalation than the actual fire. One way to help reduce this fatal risk is by turning off the fan and stopping air circulation in a fire. That isn't possible with other thermostats but with real smart home security, your fan will also be turned off when there is a fire. You will have to have monitored fire protection with this feature but it's well worth the extra protection.

How about carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. Well, if you add a monitored carbon detector to your system, you will also have the ability to set a rule to turn off your fan if there is a carbon monoxide detected. If you have pets that are home alone, monitored carbon detectors can be even more important.


Its All About Your Security and Lifestyle!

Other smart thermostats are connected to your internet and may even have the ability to learn what you're doing, but an All About Security thermostat doesn't have a learning curve. This is what turns your alarm system into smart home security. By being connected to your security panel, your devices are constantly communicating with the "brains" of your entire system

That means there isn't a learning curve. Your thermostat has the ability to know if your home, or if your out. It can also know if you're in a certain room or if you left a door open. Not only will it know all these things but it will let you know if needed. You'll receive notifications by setting rules with your security consultant.

Wireless security systems can do so much more than protect your home from a burglary. By adding certain devices you can not only make your life safer but also better with home automation that benefits your daily life!



If you want to start adding some smart devices to your home, a thermostat is one way to test the waters. If you decide to invest in one make sure your asking the right questions and finding the best one for your home. There are many thermostats all-about-your-security-smart-thermostaton the market that have smart features but most won't have the ability to truly customize your home.  

A thermostat is one of many devices that can help turn your house into a smart home. If you want to learn more about this device, or any others, you can contact us at 317.559.3500. We are always happy to answer your questions and find the best solution for all your smart security needs.  You can also learn about additional devices and services by signing up to the All About Security Blog and joining our Facebook community.

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Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!





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