The Ultimate Guide On How to Change Your Alarm Systems Monitoring Company

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Not happy with your current security company? Switching alarm monitoring providers can be easy. Ask your new monitoring company these questions first.

What is a Central Station and Why Be Monitored?

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A central station is a facilty that monitors security and other systems for specific situations, most commonly burglaries, robberies, fires and medical emergencies and then makes an appropriate response. The key components of a central station are the equipment used to communicate with the security systems and/or people in need of assistance, the computerized receiving equipment that logs and prioritizes calls for assistance and the professionally-trained staff that responds to each situation. Why be Monitored? It is a well-documented fact that security systems that are monitored by a qualified central station reduce crime. A study by researchers at Temple University found that homes with monitored security systems are 2.2 times less likely to be burglarized than homes without a security …