The Ultimate Guide On How to Change Your Alarm Systems Monitoring Company

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Not happy with your current security company? Switching alarm monitoring providers can be easy. Ask your new monitoring company these questions first.

New Security Technology Saves Time and Money

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In today’s economy most businesses have been forced to look under every rock to find savings. This can be an eye opening exercise when they come to realize how much they are paying for security. At All About Security, we’ve been helping companies that were making pivotal mistakes when it came to their security. These yearly increases were ballooning their burglar, fire, access, and CCTV costs. Once they realized that they were over-paying, they became extremely frustrated. Many soon came to realize that their existing equipment was woefully outdated, and even caused multiple false alarms. In some cases, upper management was unaware that their plant manager was receiving several calls a week in the middle of the night because of faulty …