What You Need To Know Before Buying Security Cameras

What You Need To Know Before Buying Security Cameras

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Whether they’re an addition to home security systems, or on their own, video cameras are a hot topic. With advancements in the alarm industry, it’s getting harder for criminals to get away with robberies. Police have been getting help from homeowners and their alarms systems with plenty of good information.

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If you’re looking into adding video to your home, compare the different types of systems available. There’s different advantages for almost all platforms. Let’s take a look.

Video Cameras and Home Security

Like alarm systems, security cameras have also come a long way. Not only with the quality of streaming video but with new smart technology which has made it easier and more affordable to add cameras to your home, and small business. New smart home technology has also solved some of the biggest issues consumers had with traditional video cameras.

We have talked about different types of cameras in the past, from surveillance to security cameras and even video alarms. Today we are going to compare traditional camera systems to hosted video solutions.

What is hosted video? Hosted video cameras are security cameras as a service. They can be added to your home security system to work together. They can also be used on their own.

There are some major advantages to having your  cameras set up in both ways. Like anything else, there are some disadvantages as well. One solution isn’t for everybody but today we will learn more about this hot trend and see if it may be a good fit for you and your family,

What Do People like About Traditional Video Systems?


There are plenty of advantages to video cameras that record on a DVR or NVR,. These are a few common things to consider:

1) They have become more affordable.

  • They become more affordable every day! Depending on the quality and what they will be used for, pricing is very competitive. You can buy them from big box retailers, or local security companies and there are plenty of options with packages of decent equipment starting for less than $500.
  • Keep in mind, professional installation can cost more than the actual equipment. If you want to have your system to be discreet and have wires ran inside of your interior walls, that can be quite a job! I’ve seen spend a thousand dollars to have a $300 surveillance system installed in a hard to reach location inside their home.
  • One major advantage when it comes to cost is the monthly fee that service based systems have. It’s true that most surveillance packages don’t have a monthly fee. That’s usually the deciding factor for many folks. Just make sure that avoiding a monthly fee won’t end up costing you more in the long run.

2) Quality is getting better and better

  • It wasn’t that long ago when video quality was grainy and sloppy. Now, High Definition systems are the standard.
  • There are new types of analog systems with HD quality streaming video that keeps getting better.
  •  Mobile access is available for your smartphone and tablet. IOT (internet of things) has brought us smart home technology that used to only be accessible to large corporations.

IP cameras, cameras that are connected through your Internet connection, may be more expensive, but with the new plug and play setups, the installation has become easier as well as more cost effective.

3) Options, options, options

  • This can be an advantage that can quickly turn into a disadvantage. There is a set up for any situation. Whether you are looking to keep an eye on your kids, wanting to keep your home safe with outdoor cameras, keep an eye on the vehicles in the driveway, or knowing who is at the door, the options are endless. 
  • IP cameras, cameras that are connected through your Internet connection, are also available. For new installation, these are most often recommended for their professional features.
  • IP cameras may be more expensive when it comes to upfront cost but the installation has become less time consuming. This has made them more cost effective.
  • Plug and play models are available for an even easier setup.

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