Life Safety Sensors

Life Safety Security Sensors

Your home security is for more than just break-ins! These life saving devices are designed to protect you from other emergencies that may come up. Whether it’s an unexpected fire, medical emergeny, or a leak, your All About Security system has you covered!

Fire and Smoke Detector

Adding a heat and smoke detector can be a potential life saving piece of security equipment.  When you have the added protection of fire and smoke monitoring that is  connected to security panel your home and family are protected 24-7. These sensors are always working, whether your system’s armed or not, you will be alerted no matter where you are,  and our central station will dispatch the fire department as fast as possible. This device detects the presence of smoke and the rapid rise of heat.  The smoke detectors use dual photoelectric smoke-sensing technology to make sure you have the best fire protection available.


  • Fire Detection , senses the rapid rise in heat 
  • Smoke  Detection (seeing smoke particals in the air with photoeletric technology)
  • Always on and Connected  technology

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your home is safe from more than a burglary when your alarm monitoring has a carbon monoxide detector. Even though carbon monoxide doesn’t have immediate danger, it’s called the silent killer for a reason. This life safety sensor will protect you, and your family, from the  invisible dangerous carbon monoxide gas. This detector connects directly to your smart panel ,  operates  24-7,  whether the system is armed, or not. It will inform you if the danger is present in your home so you can leave right away and let the Fire Department inspect the issue.


  • Always on 24/7, Connected  technology
  • Alerts You anywhere 
  • Alerts and sends fire department to your home if carbon monoxide is detected.

H2O/ Flood Detection

With the H2O/ Flood sensor, you’ll know if there is any type of leak in the area it is placed. Now, you can know if a pipe bursts, your water heater leaks, or your neighbor decides to water his garden with a localized Tsunami. This sensor detects the presence of water and alerts your Smart  Panel right away, triggering an alarm and sending alerts to your mobile device.  Flood sensors can get you the time you need to prevent a leak from becoming a lake.  With water protection, you’ll never have to come home to a potential nightmare that can cost thousands of dollars in damage.


  • Detects Water Presence 
  • Sends Alerts to Your Smart Panel 
  • Get email or text alerts  to you no mater where you are 

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is designed to alert you if temperatures drop below 40°F or rise above 100°F. This early warning may help you protect your valuables, pets and home from extreme heat or cold in the event of a HVAC or thermostat failure by sending an alert to your smartphone. Avoid a disastor of having your pipes burst. You can configure text message notifications to keep you informed when you are away from home.


  • Alerts you if Temperature drops below 40°F
  • Alerts you if Temperature rise above 100°F
  • Helps Detects HVAC failure 

Panic Sensor

We nickname this little guy the hidden Sensor, this sensor is designed to be hidden away and out of site, under a desks , behind furniture or in a drawer. Put it in location of your choice, it lets you have access to easily  arm , disarm or hold both down to trigger a panic alarm with a duress signal to get the police out asap.


  • Small and Discreet 
  • One Push Arm 
  • One Push Disarm 
  • Panic Potion For Emergence 

Medical/Emergency Pendant

The Medical Pendant is a single button device that attach to a necklace, watch strap or just place it on s night stand , This pendant is typically programmed to trigger a medial emergency, or as an emergency panic. It’s perfect as a mobile panic button or mobile emergency pendant for those with disability . Its water resistant and works within 100 feet from the panel so it is easy to alert authorities to potential medical problems whether you’er getting the mail , in the garden or relaxing in the living room. Just hold down the button for 3 seconds and the authorities are on there way!


  • One Touch Alert 
  • Great for those with medical Conditions 
  • Works perfectly with Two-way voice 
  • Water resistant 
  • Special ,medical alert from panel
  • Can be worn as a lanyard or watch or use at a button 

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