Indianapolis Business Security Systems

All About Security offers a complete range of business security systems, products and integrated solutions for business of all sizes throughout Indianapolis. Our business security systems are custom-designed, installed and monitored to meet your unique requirements. And your Indianapolis business security system can scale seamlessly as your business grows and your needs change.

commercial-security-monitoring.jpg?t=1475163887303&width=388&name=commercial-security-monitoringBusiness Security Systems: Monitoring

After your security system is installed it is linked to our professional monitoring center. Staffed by highly-trained professionals, All About Security’s monitoring center is ready to respond to any emergency at your facilities, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Our monitoring center is UL listed, 5 Diamond certified with multiple locations so you can rest assured it meets the highest monitoring standards in the security industry.  This helps to ensure the fastest and most reliable response in emergency situations.

Combined with our commercial security system design expertise and state-of-the-art technology, All About Security’s monitoring center completes the circle of protection your organization needs and deserves.


5706703-burglar-breaking-into-a-building-using-crowbarBusiness Security Systems: Intrusion Detection

The core of any properly designed business security system is intrusion detection. An All About Security commercial security professional will conduct a detailed analysis of your organization to identify specific threats and vulnerabilities. This includes a thorough review of the physical architecture of your facilities, identifying external and internal areas susceptible to intrusion. Whether you, or your staff, are working or closed All About Security will keep your business protected and add that extra peace of mind you’ve worked so hard for!

After this analysis, a complete and comprehensive intrusion security solution is developed. Intrusion detection is fully integrated with your entire business security system and linked with our professionally-staffed monitoring center. This integrated approach ensures the appropriate authorities are quickly notified in the event of any unauthorized intrusion.


business-security-systems-fire-protectionBusiness Security Systems: Fire Protection

Businesses lose more than $12 billion to fires each year. And this does not include the revenues and profits lost due to interrupted operations. That’s why fire systems are such a crucial part of an integrated business security system. All About Security’s expert team of consultants, project managers and installation technicians will plan, design, and install a comprehensive fire system that protects your physical assets as well as your employees and visitors. Our fire detection systems provide you with affordable and reliable protection that fully complies with all stringent fire codes.

All About Security can design and install an automatic fire alarm system for your company that complies with all applicable NFPA standards, local jurisdictional codes and your unique insurance requirements. From design and layout to installation and final approval by local fire authorities, our business security team will work with your engineers, architects, HVAC, sprinkler, electrical, elevator and building contractors to get the job done right. Learn more about our commercial fire alarm systems.


business-security-systems-cctv-systemsBusiness Security Systems: Video Surveillance

Video surveillance or CCTV systems—including exterior and interior cameras—can help protect your staff, facilities, visitors, business assets and inventory. Our business security consultants will work with you to provide exactly the right camera systems for your business.

A business security CCTV system from All About Security is capable of much more than passively recording events as they unfold. Using the latest technology, our video systems can actually take proactive action to reduce risk and prevent crime. For instance, an intelligent video system can be programmed to detect suspicious activity on your premises after hours and alert our business security monitoring center to investigate and, if necessary, quickly dispatch the authorities. Learn more about our video surveillance systems.


Business Security Systems: Access Control

Access control systems give you complete physical control over high security and restricted areas. All About Security can design a system that limits who is allowed to enter these areas, and when and where access is granted. Your security and facility managers will find our access control systems to be an efficient, practical way to reduce costs while maintaining the highest levels of protection.

All About Security’s professional staff is highly experienced with all of the latest access control technologies. We can design a fully integrated system that is exactly right for your situation. In addition to protecting key areas, access control systems can double as time clocks for automated payroll systems, control parking lot gate operators, provide temporary access to visitors, and more. Find out more about our access control systems.

Contact us today to discuss your Indianapolis business security systems needs with an All About Security business security systems expert.
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