Top 10 Home Security And Safety Tip For Pets

Top 10 Home Security And Safety Tip For Pets

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Pets and Their Home Security

We love our pets and they love us! I know there are some people out there who have their pets as their home security but it seems most of us consider our pets as part of the family.  And why wouldn’t we? They teach us lessons daily. They are always happy to see us and they show us unconditional love. Even though we don’t cionsider our furry babies as security they can often be our 1st warning for any emergency situation. Regardless of their size just their bark is a great burglar deterrent.  In the past, pet owners often didn’t get a security system because of issues related with false alarms caused by pets but that has changed quite a bit over the last 5 years. Now there are homeowners who get home security to make sure their pets are safe when left home alone.

Making sure man, or woman’s, best friend is safe and healthy is important to most pet owners.  At All about Security, we always inform our community that home security starts before a home security system and there are many things you can do to protect your home and family that can be used with, or without, a security system. Here is a top 10 list of home security tips for the one that always puts your needs first, your pet!


  1. Make sure your pets have the proper identification tag on at all times.  Sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many times a dog may get out of the home after a bath without a collar. If you have a new pet it can often slip your mind until a vet visit but having their name and your phone number on their collar is important step towards your pets safety. Not only will it come in handy if they are picked up by animal control if they wander out but a collar can make it easy for someone passing by to give you a call instead of ignoring your pet because it is too much work to find their owner. Getting a chip implanted is a better long term solution but that is best used in conjunction with an ID collar. This will allow all of the shelters to find you if your pet is picked up, even without a collar. It isn’t GPS though, this just means that they have identification to find you. If you do nothing else, make sure your pet has an ID tag. You don’t wan’t to think of the alternative.
  2. Make sure you have Pet Alert signs posted on your home. If there is an emergency situation and first responders need to come in your home you want to make sure they are aware that you have pets inside the home. These signs can also be your first line of defense for your home. Warning intruders and authorities that you have pets inside your home can potentially save your pets life. It’s a simple, and affordable, solution that can prevent a lot of bad things from happening to both you and your pet.                                                          home security for pets
  3. Make Sure to Protect them from Themselves. Whether it’s electrical wire for your Christmas lights or snacks left on the counter, make sure you have things put away from your pet. I have had my dog eat a penny and a five dollar bill. Thankfully, he threw up the penny but it just shows you can’t be too careful. Keep temptation away know matter how well disciplined your pet is. You never know when it may be too much so put things up when you aren’t around. Pets are curious. No matter how domesticated your dog is they still have that animal instinct. If they see things like ornaments on a Christmas tree that looks like a toy they will eventually investigate it. You can’t blame a dog for being a dog.
  4. Make sure they have their vaccinations. With the holidays being in full season many families will be traveling this Christmas season.  If you plan on taking your pet make sure they have a vet visit and ensure their vaccinations are all up to date. During this time of year many people received their pet as a present so it may your pets time to see the vet anyway. You can also avoid any illnesses or surprises with a simple checkup for your pet.
  5. Be careful with plants and candles.  With special occasions we often spread the spirit with plants, like The Poinsettia. This plant is as deadly to Pets as it is beautiful. If your pet eats the plant thinking it’s a tasty treat it can poison your pet.  Candles can smell great but they can also temp your pet as well. With Christmas trees and pets it is even more important to place them away from vulnerable areas. 
  6. Be careful with gates.  Let your dog or cat out back? It can be a big convenience to have a gated backyard but if that gate is used by others it can be accidentally left open. If the gate is low your pet may be able to jump outside the enclosure. When leaving any pet outside in a fenced area make sure you check any access points as well as potential get aways for your pet. If they get out of the yard they can get lost or scare others. You can help your pet’s home security by fixing any potential threats.
  7. Make sure a trusted neigbor has a key. You never know when an unexpected emergency can come up. If you can’t get home in a timely manner a trusted neighbor with a key can be a lifesaver! Make sure your pet is well acclimated with whoever you choose to have a key to your residence. You don’t want to scare your pet or your neighbor if they have to use your key to dog sit or walk your pet when you aren’t available. Having someone you trust if something pops up can help make a stressful time a bit easier.
  8. Use your home security system to alert you about sitters or dog walkers.   If you have a wireless home security system you can have a special access code for pet sitters. This can alert you of their arrival as well as their departure. You can rest easy knowing that a dog walker actually took your pet for a walk and know how much time they spend at your home. 
  9. For outdoor pets,  make sure they have the proper protection from weather .  Some pets are meant for the outdoors but that doesn’t mean that they can protect themselves from all of mother nature’s elements. If it is too cold, or too hot, try and have a designated area inside your home for your pet.  They aren’t going to be able to alert you if they are too far and pets can get hypothermia and heat stroke without the proper housing. If you have a dog house make sure that it is well insulated and large enough for your pet to stand and turn around in. There are organizations that can help assist you with the proper materials to protect your pet in outdoor conditions and many states, like Indiana, have laws to keep animals safe. If it is a certain temperature you are required by law to have the right outdoor housing to keep your pet safe.
  10. Use your home security system to monitor your pets.  Home security systems have come a long way. You can monitor your pet with many interactive systems. You can have sensors on doggie doors to alert you when your pet leaves the home. You can also use an image sensor to send you a picture of your pet when the sensor detects motion. You can also add affordable video cameras to your security system or even have an affordable standalone video camera to always have a set of eyes at home. The peace of mind is worth the small investment and some of these features may be available to you and you may not be aware. Security equipment is now included with smart home features and the Internet oif Things craze that has recently taken off. Customized security systems can help protect your home, family and your pets at affordable rates. Make sure your checking with your provider or call us at  317.559.3500.                                    home security systems       

Our pets will do anything for us so it’s important for us to take a few steps to keep them safe as well. Can they be your home security? Absolutely! But the truth is that they are more than that. They are a lot more expensive to keep then a security system and if that’s the only reason you are getting a pet than you may be better off without one.  If you want to protect your pets, and everything else that matters most to you, than look at a customized security system that can help make your life easier and safer. You can download our free security guide to make affordable, simple adjustments to your home before, or with, a security system.  It’s always better to be proactive when it’s an option. All About Security want to help you, and your pets, have a safe and happy home!

Downlaod your free security guide below so you can start safeguarding your home and family today!

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Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!

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