Security Cameras vs Video Surveillance – What’s the Difference?

Security Cameras vs Video Surveillance – What’s the Difference?

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Part 2

In our previous post we started talking about different types of video cameras. We touched on the different systems but mainly discussed video surveillance. We spoke about the features video had and how traditional video cameras work.  If you missed the last article you can read that by checking out our blog but, if you missed it, you can read them in any order you like without being lost.

In this article we will be discussing security cameras and how these types of video cameras are a different option than a traditional video system.

Just like a surveillance system, security cameras also have their advantages and disadvantages. In Part 3 we will talk about video cameras as a stand alone security solution.

Video Surveillance Refresher 

video surveillance system

We have already discussed cameras and how  traditional video works verses protecting your home and family. The main difference between what any security system and surveillance cameras is their job. A video cameras that is part of a surveillance system is meant to record. This is a useful tool for peace of mind, to keep an eye on things, but most importantly, to catch a criminal after the fact. Having video can greatly increase your chance of catching a criminal in some ways. They can be useful for finding a criminal by adding the recording to social media and local news stations. Most of the time, in business especially, the person committing the crime is someone that you know, or know you.  Most burglaries are committed by an insider. If the video is high quality, a good video surveillance system can help convict the guilty party.

Security Cameras as Surveillance

security cameras and surveillance

While some security cameras can also be used as a surveillance system (and vice versa), a security camera is, usually, an addition to an alarm system. Home security systems, and alarm systems in general, are used to deter a criminal from breaking in in the first place.  The second part of any security system is to let you know that a crime is happening. Some cameras have the ability to notify you even without alarm monitoring. If you can verify your alarm as an emergency these systems make the arrests as well. That’s the major difference. For a large business catching the person may be enough, but the the last thing I would want to watch is someone break into my home after the fact. 

Now having video record some event other than that would be something that can come in useful. Lets say your child comes home from school and you aren’t home or you may have someone watching your younger children when you are away. Having that reassurance that your children are safe is always a benefit.  Even seeing a pet home alone can help make a day better. Whatever you decide to purchase, make sure it’s something you will use.  One interesting fact about cameras is that most families use them for a while but eventually stop using them. Just like any  security system, if you don’t use them properly as a part of your routine you can’t expect them to work when you need them.

One disadvantage of most camera packages with a security system is the length of the recording. If you want to have something that will record for long periods of time you will need to customize your camera system to have both features and add a surveillance system with a DVR or NVR. Both are recording devices and you will need one or the other depending on the type of video camera system you get. This part of the surveillance system is often the most expensive. The individual cameras, depending on the quality, are less of an investment. Depending on what you start with, you can always add on additional cameras in the future.

Streaming Video Recorder for surveillance and security

If your thinking about buying a camera system you can see what’s important to you and make an educated decision.  All camera systems have their use.  It all comes down to what you are trying to accomplish. Make sure you ask security companies about their options. Is DIY your thing? Or will you need a professional to install the system. Be careful about purchasing a product than looking for someone to install the system.  It can be difficult to have two different companies because they can blame each other for any issues that come up.

If you want to learn more you call always call or contact us and one of our security consultant’s can help answer all your questions t help guide you the right way.


Video Cameras as an Addition to Home Security Systems

home security video camera

If you just need a short clip here or there at certain times rather than all the time, security cameras with a good home alarm system may be the right security solution.  When it comes to using video as part of a security system there are two main types we will discuss in our 3 part video series. Security cameras that are part of a home security system and video cameras as your security system. Today we will talk more about the first, the main difference is the alarm monitoring. While video security or video alarms have cameras that are monitored, a home alarm system will usually have professional alarm monitoring and the video will, usually, be used as a verification tool when you aren’t home.  Not only does this lower your risk of false alarms but  also can strengthen the response from your local police when they know there is visual verification.

Security cameras are a great way to customize your home security. They are usually the best solution for indoor applications and can start for less than a couple hundred dollars.  If you want to add outdoor cameras, those tend to be more expensive and harder to install. Another thing to make sure you keep in mind is your internet. While our wireless home security systems don’t need internet, all live streaming video does and having a professional technician do a walk through to make sure that installation will be possible is also something to consider. Depending on your needs, and budget, video cameras may not always be the best solution.

For many, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Everyone doesn’t need streaming video as part of their home and family protection.  Sometimes, just having a still image picture of their loved ones sent to their smart phone is the perfect solution.  In that case, our image sensor may be the right solution. It can be the best of both worlds.  You can have a picture sent to you at your request or scheduled as part of a notification without the added cost of video. One reason for this is that the image sensor also doubles as a motion detector and part of a smart home security system while video cameras are an extra feature.

image sensor, motion detector and camera combined

Now that you know the difference between camera systems you can decide what’s best for your home and family. Well, there is one more aspect of video to look at as a security system. Video security systems are another type of camera system that have been getting attention because of there increasing arrest rates and popularity with police.  In next week’s article we will talk about those types of camera systems and you can see if video alarms are a better fit for your needs.  In the meantime you can let us know  your opinion, or what other subjects you would like to learn more about, by commenting below or calling 317.559.3500.  

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