Fire Alarm Systems Save Lives

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Fire Facts and Fire Alarm Systems

With the holidays being in full swing and, hopefully,  getting more into the Christmas spirit it’s important to take a few steps to make sure your home security system helps make your holidays as safe as possible. Fire alarms, in fact, saves lives. With monitored fire protection you can potentially save your home as well as your family.  Tis the season so take the proper steps to avoid a potential fire by following guidelines provided with any electrical components, such as lights, and avoid placing flammable candles close to your Christmas tree. 

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How A Home Security System Can Protect Your Children

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Security systems protect your home, but how a security system can protect your children is more important than any possession. Protecting children is the best reason for home security, and may be the main reason, for a new alarm system. Many people think that security systems are meant to simply keep burglars from breaking into homes and businesses when people aren’t there. That’s true. But perhaps more importantly, a well-designed system will help protect what matters most when they are at home or work as well. One of the best examples of this kind of home security is with kids who are sometimes left home alone—so-called “latchkey kids.”

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Choosing A Home Security System

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When you think about home security systems you might imagine the outdated keypad that was already in the house when you moved in. That may of been the alarm systems of the past but today’s home security  isn’t just more attractive. The right system will do more than just prevent break-ins.

With the right security company it’s all about your security and options for convenience.   Having any type of security is always better than not having an alarm system for your home, but today’s residential security systems have come a long way. Protecting your home and family is always the top priority but there are additional things you can do with a smart security system to make your system more likely to be used, and add some convenience to your hectic life.

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The Ultimate Guide On How to Change Your Alarm Systems Monitoring Company

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fire-alarm-systems-monitoring-center-los-angeles Updated 8/12/2016

When transitioning to a new monitoring provider, make sure you cover all the bases. This will help ensure an easy transition to a new alarm system monitoring station.
Let’s face it. The alarm industry doesn’t have the best reputation with consumers for customer service. Whether it’s the industry giant, or newcomers that knock on doors with unethical tactics, there are too many companies that aren’t treating their customers the way they should be treated. A quick Google search can tell a lot about a company.
Unfortunately, many folks are trapped in long term contracts for a service they aren’t happy with. Even worse, many homes have security systems that don’t work properly,
use outdated technology, or aren’t properly monitored.  Well, those contracts will expire, and the same security companies that took your business for granted will be trying to get you to stay with their service, or even sign another long term contract.
Don’t do it! If I can help it, you won’t! Even though switching your security company may seem overwhelming, it can be an easy and cost effective process if you follow a few simple steps.  And there are people who will help. Even if we don’t service you area, you can call
All About Security and we will still help you find a better solution.

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What is a Central Station and Why Have Alarm Monitoring?

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Is Alarm Monitoring Important for Home Security?

Unless you want an alarm system that just makes noise alarm monitoring is very necessary.

In today’s environment home security has started to become a need over a want. Indianapolis has a crime rate that  is one of the worst in the nation. Home invasions have been in the news and more and more people are getting monitored alarms to protect their homes and family’s. But what exactly is a central station and why is it important to have alarm monitoring?


A central station is a facility that monitors security and other central-station-monitoringsystems for specific situations, most commonly burglaries, robberies, fires and medical emergencies and then makes an appropriate response. The key components of a central station are the equipment used to communicate with the security systems and/or people in need of assistance, the computerized receiving equipment that logs and prioritizes calls for assistance and the professionally-trained staff that responds to each situation. Central stations have different levels and certifications. It’s important to know that not all central stations are the same, but that’s another topic we will discuss  in another post. Now that you know what a central station is, we can talk about the importance of having a monitored alarm.

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The Top 5 Advantages of True Wireless Security Systems

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Alarm systems have been around a long time.  Many homes have a hardwired security system that was built with the home but is that the best solution with today’s technology? Home security has never had more to offer and been so affordable.  But with all the options out there how do you know your getting the best security system for your needs? And what are the the real advantages of wireless security systems?

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The Three Ds Of Home Security

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Three D's of Home SecurityWith the Holidays around the corner it’s even more important to make sure you are staying one step ahead of the bad guys. Here are the basics of what  a home alarm system does for you and your family.  With, or without, a security system you can always take steps to better protect what matters most to you. The 3  “Ds” of  security is the why behind how alarm systems work.  That ‘s what a home alarm system is designed to do.  There are many other steps you can take to protect your home and family that should come before a home security system. By taking the steps necessary, you can make your home much safer than it already is.

Home security strategies can be broadly classified into three categories, often referred to as the three “Ds” of home security. These are deterrence, denial, and detection. Make  sure your home is harder to get into and avoid a potential disaster. Alarm systems apply these three categories, but there are many other ways to make sure a burglar doesn’t pick your home!
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Eight Holidays Tips With Smart Home Security System

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We all know, Holiday travel can be stressful. Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas isn’t far off either. Whether you’re packing for your family for a road trip, rushing for a flight for a fun holiday getaway, or keeping your kids entertained  at a local resort, the last thing you need is to worry about  is your home being safe. Here are some home security tips to make sure your can enjoy your holiday! 

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Top 5 Reasons Alarm Systems Don’t Need a Phone

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When it comes to your home Security, you will, often, hear the question: Do you have a home phone line?  Alarm systems and phone lines have worked together for many years,but depending on a phone line, when it comes to your safety, is never ideal. Most people think that their phone line is the best, if not  the only way, to get their home security system monitored because this is what they were told at some point. That simply isn’t true! Why does every security company ask you if you have a land line phone? The real reason? The simple truth is to be able to quote you the lowest available price.

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At All About Security, we want to inform you, help you, and educate you and our community. We want to provide home security system tips so you can make the right decision for your needs,There are some very  rare  cases where you may need to have a traditional phone line. How can you tell when you absolutely need a traditional land line? Well, your local security company should have access to the items needed to test what is best for your particular area through all the different cell providers available. Questions like these should be how to choose a home security company. Wireless security systems doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a phone line, It just means the equipment is mainly wireless.
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How Alarm Systems Work

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How Alarm Systems Work. The Basics of Security System Protection.

Did you know that security systems are over100 years old? Crazy, right? Now they didn’t have touch screens and smart phones back then but home security was still a concern back then. This article will explain the basics of alarm systems and how they work.

How alarm systems work haven’t changed as drastically as you may think. Alarm monitoring is a different story. Technology has made plenty of changes to security systems but how alarm systems work follow many of the original principles that started many years ago.

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