How A Video Doorbell Can Help Your Home Security

How A Video Doorbell Can Help Your Home Security

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 Customizing your security system is one of the biggest benefits of smart home security. There are so many ways to make your system work for your lifestyle. One way to take advantage of this is with a doorbell.

One of the newest pieces of equipment is the smart doorbell. There are a couple types of doorbells that can be used with home security systems. Each has its benefits. Today we will look at the video doorbell since it has some amazing functions.



Now, a doorbell isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about alarm systems but smart security isn’t your average system. Why would you want to add this device to your setup? Because it will not only add safety, but some awesome conveniences to your day to day life. 


What is a Video Doorbell?


A video doorbell combines the functions of a traditional doorbell with the features of a high definition video camera. With All About Security’s smart doorbell, you also have an added motion detector and intercom. With these types of features, there are many additional benefits than having these types of equipment added

With this smart home device you will have the ability to see whose at your door, have video clips sent to your mobile device, and the ability to communicate with individuals that are outside. This can be done from anywhere!

Home Security Benefits

There is a saying in the security industry. Friends knock, strangers ring a doorbell. One way a burglar will pick a home to target is by making sure no one is home. If you aren’t home, it’s difficult to make it look like you are. Not with a video doorbell!

As soon as someone rings your doorbell you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. From there, you can see who’s at the door with the HD security camera that is inside of your smart doorbell. Whether it’s a stranger or a friend you can then speak to them through your smartphone! That’s pretty amazing!

What if they don’t ring the bell? Well, you can set up your system to notify you with there is motion detected. You can speak through your cell phone to let the potential intruder know that the authorities will be on their way or whatever you feel is best for each situation.

There are other benefits that go beyond security as well. Whether it’s to let your friends know that you will be back in a few minutes or to let the UPS guy drop off a package the options are endless.

Another advantage of having a smart doorbell with a monitored home security system is the ability to have cloud backup. When there is motion detected, or when there is someone at your door, there will be video clips that are recorded on a secure network. This can be useful for everything from helping the police catch a suspect to letting you know if someone stopped in when you were away. There are times when you can’t get to your phone and recording can be helpful.

The ability to add custom rules to your system is also another advantage of having a doorbell with your service. While there are other video camera type doorbells on the market, they won’t give you the ability to add other functions to additional devices. One popular rule is to have a smart light turn on when someone rings your doorbell. This isn’t possible with a stand-alone product.

Cost Benefits of Smart Doorbells

Adding surveillance to a home can be expensive and time-consuming. With a video doorbell you won’t need to have other devices, like a DVR or additional cameras, with your system. You can always add additional cameras if you would like but it’s nice to be able to have a key security camera in one location that can do so much more than surveillance.

You can add a smart doorbell for as little as $200 with most packages. Installation isn’t difficult but if you need a technician to come to your home to install the device you can expect to pay a little more. Some security companies will include the installation without charging you an extra fee. 

If you don’t have a video package you can also expect a small increase in your monthly fee with your alarm monitoring company. This is due to the additional storage needed.  Normally, that fee should be around $5 a month depending on your security provider. You can also add a smart doorbell for as little as $49 without the video feature. This device will also avoid any increase to your monthly alarm monitoring fee.

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Customizing Home Security Systems


Whether you are looking into a new security system for your home or if you want to upgrade your existing system a smart doorbell can be a great way to customize your wireless home security system.  You can always contact us at 317.559.3500 and our security consultant's will be happy tp answer any of your questions.  We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and serve the entire state of Indiana, as well as most places in Ohio.

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