False Alarm: Why Your Home security Doesn’t Work

False Alarm: Why Your Home security Doesn’t Work

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A Valentines Day Alarm Monitoring Special

It’s almost Valentines Day, you know what that means? No, not crying endlessly waiting for “the one”. No, not getting gifts, flowers, and chocolates to celebrate. Although, one or both may happen. What it really means for home security is a very busy day for alarm monitoring companies. That’s right, Valentines Day is one of the busiest days for security companies in Indianapolis, and everywhere else in the United States.


Why do false alarms happen on Valentines Day more than most other days of the year?

That’s a subject for debate but most would agree it’s not because Cupid is breaking in. One reason is because some of the lovely gifts we like to give, or receive. Balloons are more popular on Valentines Day than most days. That can cause a lot of confusion for your home alarm system. Your motion detector may go off because of them floating around. It may be a little too sensitive (all puns intended). Other gifts can also cause your home security to be overprotective as well. Unfortunately, there are many household that don’t know how alarm systems work and user error is usually the culprit.
Another present your
alarm system doesn’t seem to like? It may be the pet you got as a gift.  I know, right? How can you not love that sweet face? And anyway you have a pet sensitive motion detector so that shouldn’t cause a false alarm, right? Well, that may be true but if you didn’t have pets at the time of your installation, your security company may have left the feature off. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but that’s another topic. 
Most pets that are under a certain weight (depending on your motion detector) won’t interfere with alarm systems. A cat? That’s a different story.  If you have kittens, or cats, that like to play they can be a nightmare for your alarm monitoring station. In my experience, cats cause more alarms than any other animal. If that’s the case, I would recommend turning off your motion detector. At the least, have it adjusted by your security company.
Another reason there are more false alarms on Valentines Day? Well, that’s our love of surprising our loved ones. More people will try and surprise their significant other on that day than any other day of the year. Having a home alarm system that works means being properly educated on how it works. Once you start having a few false alarms your police response can start taking longer. Police are busy, this is Indianapolis and we have a lot of crime so you don’t want to be the house that police look at as “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” (or girl).

How to Avoid False Alarm

False alarms mainly occur because of two reasons. One is the
security equipment. It can be due to the alarm equipment itself or due to a less than stellar installation. All security companies aren’t the same just like all alarm systems aren’t the same. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have a quality home alarm system that is made up of solid
security equipment. If you have a DIY system make sure you followed the instructions sent with the alarm panel and follow standards and procedures set by the authorities in the industry, like the Electronic Security Association. To minimize false alarms,
reputable security companies work with guidelines set by various industry organizations and use equipment that has also been manufactured with the same safety standards. There are programs that many reputable security companies join to reduce false alarms as well.
The second biggest reason home security systems don’t always work properly is plain, old human error. If you just got a security system you may already know about this.
Security technology has changed and some home alarms are simpler to use than others. But even if you have a simple to use security system, when things are new they take some time to adjust. The more features you have, the more time it may take to get accustomed to. Don’t worry, within a week or two you should be a master of you
home alarm system.



Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are using your system the right way and to avoid false alarms:

Call your security company.
If you aren’t sure how your system works call them. Most people don’t know about all the features that are available and how their alarm system works.  Ask your alarm company for a refresher. Often times, they have blogs, security consultants, or other tools that are available for the public
Have a smartphone app?  – Check out the features and benefits section of your security provider. They almost always do.
Make sure you remind your loved ones that you have a security system.
Dont want to ruin the surprise? Make an alarm code that you can delete or adjust just for them (make sure you don’t give them your master code, even though you may live happily forever after you don’t want anyone to have your master code, especially if they end up being the crazy ex).
Put up your gifts (show off). If you do get balloons, a pet, or anything else that moves, make sure you put them up before you leave.
Answer your phone. That’s right, pick up that unknown 800 number if you’re with a 
 monitoring station that doesn’t call from the same number.  Some security companies will call you from the same number. If they do, like
All About Security, make sure you program the alarm monitoring stations number in your phone. What if you can’t get to your phone? That understandable, we can’t always answer our phones. That’s why we offer text messages as alerts as well.  For my family, a text message will be read before an unknown number is picked up every day of the week. That’s a benefit of today’s home security systems. There shouldn’t be an extra charge if you already have a wireless security system with even the most basic interactive services. For our client’s, it’s just another benefit of being part of our extended family.
Take advantage of your interactive security services.  There’s all sorts of
things you can do with today’s home alarm systems. You can let people in and disarm your security system with a few clicks. You can arm it once they leave.  You can even get a picture sent to your smartphone with one of our image sensors. There’s a lot you can do with an
interactive security system but start with the basics and a few features and once you know how those work, add a few things piece by piece. You don’t have to buy everything at once. In fact, if you do you probably won’t use all the features. Remember, whatever you get should make your life easier.

So if you are one of the many families with a monitored alarm, and you read this, you can take a couple of simple steps to reduce false alarms in your home. For your home security to be effective it takes more than
great alarm monitoring. The authorities have to show up in a real emergency. False alarms happen, but they can be greatly reduced by being educated and aware. When a home has excessive false alarms it can greatly affect your response time from the authorities. If you are having false alarms call your security company and ask then how you can work with them before it’s too late.  We are lucky in the Indianapolis area. Unlike many other counties and states we still get a response from the police with our security systems. We don’t have to pay an extra fee to have an armed guard service to verify our emergencies and than contact police.  By reducing false alarms and using proper verification with your home alarm you can help and keep it that way.
That wraps up our Valentines Day false alarm special. If you have any questions or want to learn more about false alarms, or any of
our services you can call us at
317.559.3500 or
contact us via email. We are here to help. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. Be loved and spread love.
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Until next time, stay same and informed Indianapolis!

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  1. Indeed, when you get pets after the security system, you need to make sure that they can’t trip it off. If you want motion detectors, put them in rooms where the pet can’t go because of a door. This can help prevent a rowdy cat from creating a false alarm.

    1. Excellent advice Sarah! It’s funny how a crazy kitty can set the alarm off, even when they are tiny. :)A glass break sensor or window contacts might be a better solution for some pet owners.

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