Choosing A Home Security System

Choosing A Home Security System

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When you think about home security systems you might imagine the outdated keypad that was already in the house when you moved in. That may of been the alarm systems of the past but today’s home security  isn’t just more attractive. The right system will do more than just prevent break-ins.

With the right security company it’s all about your security and options for convenience.   Having any type of security is always better than not having an alarm system for your home, but today’s residential security systems have come a long way. Protecting your home and family is always the top priority but there are additional things you can do with a smart security system to make your system more likely to be used, and add some convenience to your hectic life.

If you are one of the many folks that have never had security for your home it may be time to look at what’s available. Today’s smart systems are designed to be more affordable than the traditional security companies you know about. Look at local providers and compare the different services and packages. You can find way to protect your home and add some simple smart home services that you’ll love.


Is it Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

Why would you want to upgrade your current system? Or look at going with a wireless alarm system? For one thing, those traditional systems only worked when you remembered to arm them and someone tried to break in. Thankfully, that wasn’t very often. They also had significant vulnerabilities like the system being easily manipulated by cutting the phone line from the outside of the house. 


Picking the right type of security for your home can be an overwhelming task.  There are many different types of security equipment, but the service is what really makes a difference.  You can have the latest technology but without a professional security company and the right type of alarm monitoring it doesn’t matter how great the actual alarm system equipment is without the ability to use the features. Picking the right combination is key. The right security company will always let you know your options and what the right security equipment is for your lifestyle. Choosing a home security system with additional features can help in more than a burglary.



 Now for the fun stuff! What are the benefits of upgrading your security system or getting a new wireless security system?

Thanks to new technology you have much better options than ever before. Not only does this make things safer but they are also much more affordable.   

Today’s smart home systems are completely useful and more secure. You can control your system from anywhere through a mobile app, and it works all the time so you can know what’s happening around your home wherever you are. Remember, many smart security systesm are the foundation of your smart home. There are many features that should benefit your lifestyle.  All About Security specializes residential security that does so much more than traditional home alarms. 

To get our community more familiar to some of these key feature, we’ve provided some information to help your better understand today’s interactive systems and some of the great new features you should expect when choosing a new home security system.


New Technology

  • Mobile apps allow you to interact with your home in completely new ways, from wherever you happen to be. It’s great for your home security, but it’s also a nice way to introduce your smart home features without being overwhelming. If it isn’t easy to use, we know you won’t use it. 
  • You can arm and disarm your system and monitor what’s happening at your property. So if you had to leave home in a rush, you can still make sure the system is armed with a push of a button in the mobile app. You can even have your house send you a reminder alert if you left home and forgot to arm the system. Never wonder if you turned your security system on before you left again!
  • You can get a whole new level of awareness from your security system. Unlike traditional systems, today’s security can alert you of activity even when disarmed. An alert on your smartphone will let you know if the front door opens, so you know your kids are home from school.
  • You can even get an alert if something doesn’t happen. For example, if the your alarm is not disarmed by 5 pm when you expect the kids home, you can get an alert and then follow up to make sure everything is OK. The ability to see the status at home and get instant alerts of activity that matters to you even when the system is disarmed increases the overall peace of mind the right system can deliver.

24/7 Security, No Matter What

  • Some new devices and systems market themselves as security products but lack the most important part: 24/7 professional alarm monitoring services.
  • Security dealers use central monitoring stations, staffed 24/7 by security professionals, to respond to emergencies. Professional monitoring ensures a response when an alarm is signaled (whether smoke, fire or break-in) and dispatches emergency services. In the case of a fire, for example, the fire department will be alerted in addition to you getting a text, email or voice alert so you are aware right away. This service helped one of our users save his dogs and keep his home from burning down.


  • A key difference in today’s interactive security is whether they connect through your home’s broadband internet connection or through a wireless cellular connection.
  • Cellular based systems avoid the reliability issues associated with broadband internet connections and home routers that we all experience from time to time. A dedicated cellular connection also protects against common vulnerabilities like having the cable cord cut from the outside of the house, and avoids home network complications such as weak or forgotten passwords.


  • Home automation may sound like a luxury from The Jetsons, but it’s a great way to enhance security and protect your home too. You should choose a security system that offers options for automating a wide range of your home’s key functions  so you’ll have the most options and choices.
  • For enhanced security, you can add video cameras that deliver instant alerts with clips to your phone when you’re out. You can manage access to your home with the addition of smart locks and garage door control. You can automate other devices like lights to make it look like you’re home when you are out of town or automatically turn on in the event of an alarm. Even smart thermostats can be added to enhance safety; for example, they can automatically shut off your HVAC system in a fire so smoke and ash don’t spread through the home.

You don’t have to add all capabilities at once. However, you should understand whether your  system will let you add these kinds of features and capabilities over time before you buy, or not. The last thing you want to do is make an investment in something you won’t be able to use in the future. Even though you may not want these things right now, we believe that it’s important to be able to customize you smart home security  and add on new technology as it comes out.  These are just a few of the key differences in today’s home alarm systems.


Interested in learning more about smart home security systems?  Contact All About Security at 317.559.3500.

Remember, security starts before your home alarm.  Download your free guide to safeguarding your home and family. Our gift to help you stay safe during the holidays and beyond.

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Until next time, stay safe and informed Indianapolis!


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